Staring out of windows is believed to have a therapeutic effect on our minds. A great window on one of the walls lets you enjoy a pleasing view, be it of the snowfall, a sudden downpour, a shooting star, the dazzling night sky, the sea waves, or a regular thoroughfare. Apart from the relaxation effect that a bay window offers, it also allows an ample amount of sunlight and fresh air to enter your apartment.

Bay windows are also beneficial for claustrophobics. Besides this, bay windows raise the resale value of your property. While having a bay window in your living room is incredible, it is even more essential to have outstanding decorations around it. Whether you have an apartment with a bay window or you have built a house with a bay window on the topmost floor, we have got you covered with one of our decoration ideas to make a lasting impression.

So, if you are looking for decorative bay window ideas, reading this article would help you spot and plan some awesome decorations for your bay window.

What is a Bay Window?

A three-sectioned glass window design juts out of the building wall to form a compartment or bay-like area inside the room. These are large windows that usually don’t extend to the floor. They generally have various shapes like trapezoid and polygonal, and they even come in rectangular shapes.

Bay windows became popular during the English Renaissance period, but even to this day, their prominence hasn’t been reduced in building architecture. During the Victorian era, bay windows became a regular feature of newly built homes. In Germany, bay windows supported by a bracket are known as oriel windows. The use of bay windows is also seen during the Gothic and Medieval era.

However, in a 2012 study, it was found that bay windows were a characteristic feature of San Francisco architecture.

Bay Windows Ideas and Decoration Tips

Windows are the soul of your house. So, here are some interesting suggestions for bay window decorating ideas.

1. Add Window Seating Options

Add Window Seating Options

If your bay window is in your living room, it can be your bae forever. But to spend quality time with your bae, you need to add some comfortable seating options. It could include two or three oversized accent chairs. Throw some cushions and pillows.

Recliners and a set of couches would also look great in front of the bay window. A carpet on the floor and some green friends around will further complement your bay window. This area would be amazing for having long conversations and growing old with your loved ones.

2. Set Up a Lounge Area

Set Up a Lounge Area

Having a bay window in the bedroom would be a blessing. You could set up the bed against the window wall. Line the bed with fluffy pillows, and you will be all set for an amazing slumber.

During weekends, the spot would be ideal for catching a quick nap too. Furthermore, you can do a movie marathon sitting by the bay window during a long weekend. Roman shades, blinds, patterned window shades, or wooden blinds could be installed to have some privacy in your bedroom.

3. Try the Victorian Style

Try the Victorian Style

If you want to recreate one of the Victorian-era bay window styles, you would need to paint your walls and window frames either a tone of grey or royal blue. To complete the look, add vintage style curvy loveseat. Keep the window curtain free to allow natural light to seep into the room till dusk freely.

A grand fireplace at the front or side wall, a center table, and some oil-painted artworks hung on the surrounding walls will perfectly resemble the Victorian era.

4. Set Up a Dining Area

Set Up a Dining Area

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your super while watching the sunset? Whether you want to create a grand banquette or want to set a simple table for two, it will make an excellent bay window idea.

You could opt for a round table or a rectangular one if you are planning to create a banquette. Alternatively, you could only set a tulip table with oval-back dining chairs or parsons chairs. A pendant light hanging above will further complete the look.

5. Set Up a Bar

Set Up a Bar

If your bay window is in the kitchen area, an amazing bay window idea is to set up a bar cart. An ordinary bar cart paired with accent chairs and ottoman stools is just what you need to enjoy a drink with your buddies.

A music system installed nearby would be great to set up any kind of mood ranging from that of a party to a subtle romantic one.

6. Create a Workout Zone

Create a Workout Zone

Enthusiastic workouts in front of your bay window can boost your physical fitness. It helps to soak in the freshness of the outdoors without really having to step out into the streets.

Working out has become a necessity of modern life. However, introverts and those who just love being indoors might not always prefer gyms and group yoga classes. So, for such people having a bay window in the house is a boon. With morning light flooding in through the bay window, you could do yoga, run on a treadmill, or even try some Zumba moves.

7. Creating a Memory Corner on The Windowsill

Creating a Memory Corner on The Windowsill

A broad bay windowsill offers an excellent option for displaying your favorite souvenirs. You could place photo frames, some succulents, and even “Secret Santa” gift pieces on the windowsill.

Decorating the floor with plants and hanging some curtains in bold colors would create a special longing for the area. Further, you can hang Christmas stars and even a string of photos from your travel diary on the window.

8. Paint a Feature Wall

Paint a Feature Wall

An accent wall is always the best solution to beat boredom. When one has subtle shades throughout the room, the best way to highlight your bay window is to paint the wall in bold and bright shades that host the window. Alternatively, you could use wallpaper that reflects grandeur.

Painting the wood frame in a white or natural wood shade is also another excellent bay window decoration idea. Some vintage carpet and a chandelier will further add to the charm of the room.

9. Bay Window Library

Bay Window Library

What joy reading a classic book of English Literature or even Tolkien and Harry Potter will bring to the reader who sits by the bay window on a rainy day. So, for bookworms, setting up a mini library by the bay window would be the ideal thing to do.

Half-height bookshelf with seating arrangement or window seat bookcases will make a perfect setup for enjoying your favorite books. A few accent pillows, a floor lamp, and some potted plants around will be thoughtful additions.

10. A Play Corner for Your Kids

A Play Corner for Your Kids

Another interesting bay window idea is to design a play corner by the bay window for your kids.

Some colorful, sturdy curtains to cover the large windows during nap times, a kid-sized bed, lots of pillows, stuffed animals, soft toys, and a fluffy rug will make a perfect play corner for your kids.

You can also paste some funky wallpapers around to enchant your kids further.

11. A Green Haven

A Green Haven

What can be better than creating a haven for your house plant pets? One can wonderfully place plants of all sizes near the bay window area. One accent chair amid your plant buddies will make it the contemplative corner.

Another advantage of having this setup is your plants will grow well in the natural light. You could also use the window sill to place the smaller plants and succulents.

12. Combine Workspace with Coziness

Combine Workspace with Coziness

The idea of work and coziness don’t go hand-in-hand. The reason being our brains are conditioned to be seated on office desks and chairs to complete long work hours.

But if you’ve got a bay window and have a work-from-home or hybrid work model, you can pretty much design a cozy workplace in front of your bay window. All you need is a cozy work desk and an ergonomically designed chair. Some window treatments would be essential to hide from the Sun during summer.

13. Try Some Unique Window Treatments

Try Some Unique Window Treatments

What could be better than using some window treatments for your bay window? A flurry of options is available when it comes to using window treatment options. Floor-length curtains in flashy patterns and floral designs are a certain way to make the bay window a focal point of your apartment.

Simple roller shades, Roman shades, half-length curtains, or a combination of blinds and curtains would be a range of available choices. If you want to go distinct, install rattan shades or wood blinds.

14. Add Some Offbeat Seating Options

Add Some Offbeat Seating Options

Ditch the conventional accent chairs or couches and recliners. Instead, hang a hammock to enjoy the outside view of the sea and create the feel of being on an island. A fabric swing is another alternative to a hammock.

Hanging a bubble chair will also be a splendid addition to your bay window as it won’t block the natural light. Should you want to avoid hanging seating options from the ceiling, you can add an egg chair.

15. Hang a Vintage Piece

Hang a Vintage Piece

If you are an ardent fan of the vintage style, you could either add a vintage loveseat in the bay window nook or two vintage chairs with a bubble light hanging in between.

An ancient copper plate mirror hung on the wall, or an antique wall clock would be distinct additions to highlight the personality of the bay window. One also could hang a vintage piece of Spanish guitar or some timeless artwork. Your grandpa’s piano could also be a great addition to your bay window statement style.

16. Install an In-Built Bench

Install an In-Built Bench

Installing a built-in bench is another outstanding bay windows ideas. What you need is a built-in bench with a bay window, a leather seat, a throng of pillows, and some rattan shades.

Having a bench with storage drawers could be useful for stuffing board games and other useful materials. A curved bench settee is an alternative to building an in-built bench.

17. Make Space for The Christmas Tree

Make Space for The Christmas Tree

Once Christmas is over every year, instead of stuffing the Christmas tree under the stairs or in the basement, you can keep it on display by your bay window. Leave it with all its decorations and lights for a wonderful window display.

If you are someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, you could implement the same idea with large house plants. This is because a bay window nook is an ideal place for large plants with ample sunlight flooding the whole area.

18. A Seductive Bay Window

A Seductive Bay Window

If you are not keen on blocking all the natural light yet looking for obscurity, here is the ultimate solution for you. Sheer curtains! Yes, ditch heavy blinds and add some sheer floor-length curtains.

What could be more seductive than hanging sheer curtains that impart privacy without obstructing light? Sheer curtains also come in subtle and cute shades which won’t snatch away the personality of the bay window.

19. Incorporate Window Boxes

Incorporate Window Boxes

Finally, here is another offbeat bay window idea – adding window boxes. If foliage is your thing, you can add some window boxes on the window sill outside or inside. Pour in some manured soil and plant your favorite flower plants in them. Your plants will be gleeful in the sunlight, and the bay window will be marvelous to look at.

It’s a great way to flaunt some flowers that you have been gifted on your birthday or date. If these do not work for you, you could also use the window boxes as storage boxes.

20. Take a Bath by The Bay Window

Take a Bath by The Bay Window

If you are lucky enough to have a bay window in your bathroom, what could be better than setting up a bathtub and enjoying a relaxing bath by the bay window? A jacuzzi with some sheer curtains for some privacy is something to look forward to when you get back home from a busy day.

A spacious bathtub with a bay window overlooking some natural elements like tall deciduous trees or the skyline is just what you need to forget your worries and troubles.

21. Bistro Table Set Up

Bistro Table Set Up

Do you think that living in a studio apartment with a bay window will limit your options to create a statement? No, not at all. For small spaces, you can do plenty of styles, like hanging plants from the window nook. Place some hanging lamps and bistro tables with a set of two chairs and a small rug to make your feet comfortable.

Summing It Up

Having a bay window in your apartment is an exciting thing in itself. Sitting by the window while working, sipping tea and enjoying the evening shower, or simply lounging by the window are all one-of-a-kind experiences that never get old. Bay windows are also an attractive place for your pets.

Whether you create a lounge area or hang curtains, highlighting the bay window area is always essential when you are planning interiors for your home. Once in a while, you could also alter the decoration and try something else.

There are plenty of suggestions available in the above article. You could either use the above suggestions or try something on your own. Most of our suggestions are DIY, and you could either visit an antique store or shop online for your decor items.

However, whatever design you try, ensure not to make things too bulky around the window or obstruct the natural light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Bay Windows Popular?

Bay windows have been popular for quite a few centuries now. They remain popular as they maximize the space available in a room and enhance the amount of natural light entering a room. They also enhance curb appeal. Curtains, indoor plants, and adding window seats are a few ways to enhance the bay windows’ show.

What is a French Window?

A French window consists of two panels hanging on the sides. They either open outward or inward. Glass is the general material of choice. French windows differ from bay or bow windows in having two panels against three panels and four or six panels of bow windows.

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