Decorating empty walls is an excellent way to bring life into any space. Infusing the ideas with personality and style and giving meaning to the space. Whether you are revamping your room or moving into a new home, there always be a space to be filled with creative ideas. In this article, we will explore 15 ideas to decorate empty walls.

From placing your favorite painting to putting up your favorite words on the wall, the below article will give you all the ideas for your new DIY project. We will also explore the world of art. It is not always about investing in decor items to make a space look rich. There should be a small investment when necessary. We will also see alternative ideas without any investments.

One small space at home, Home is the place to change it according to your taste and desire without any judgments. You can use painting, prints, and photographs that will elevate your interior. Go for a theme-based wall, contemporary or aesthetic theme, or anything according to your choice.

Try to convert your imagination into reality by curating the space. The below article will be an inspiration for your wall decor ideas.

1. Hang Your Favourite Painting

Hang Your Favourite Painting

Got an empty wall and no idea how to fill the space aesthetically? Put your favorite painting to use, which you bought long back, which is resting in a spare room. If the empty wall is in the living room, placing your favorite painting is one of the best wall decor ideas. You can also change the color of the wall according to the painting you hung on the wall. We would suggest painting the wall in white. Before doing revamp of the empty wall, if you are choosing a white color, give a full bright white color that will go with any kind of painting. For the background color of the painting, white color is highly suggestible, but other light shades will also do good.

2. Family Gallery

Family Gallery

Having a personal family gallery on your private wall is one of the best wall decor ideas. Let us not go with one big frame, pick different photo frame sizes. Print all those digital photos and put them into the frame. If you have any favorite color to paint on the wall or give any design. Keep a theme and choose the photo frame designs according to the theme. There are many ways to arrange the frames. You can place them according to the sizes or create a frame-like structure with the frames. Place one big frame in the center and place the other frames around it. There is no other better idea than to fill a space with a lot of memories, and sometimes, it would be your go-to place.

3. Install a Book Shelf

Install a Book Shelf

Why not put the empty wall to good use? Make a small investment in a bookshelf. Go for a bookshelf that can be nailed to the wall. Instead of plastic or any other material, invest in a wooden bookshelf. The wooden bookshelf will be durable, strong, and can hold any amount of weight. Among wall decor ideas, a wall book shelf is a useful idea. It will clean up extra space, and if any books cannot find a place, use this shelf to place them. Varnish the shelf to make them a little shiny and bright. Place some books, a small frame, and a small pot with hanging green plants. We would suggest placing a small Buddha statue which is an ensemble of peace. Let us keep the space with the same color, and a little bit of monotony will look aesthetic. Since the natural color of the wood is brown and keep the background wall light brown.

4. Paint the Space

Paint the Space

Painting the space, not just giving an extra coating of the same color. It gives an artistic texture to the empty wall. It is your home and your space. You can paint anything you want. To paint a space, you need not be a professional artist. Paint something you are comfortable with. Get help from members at your house to help with this idea. Since everyone is going to live under the same roof, yes, their opinions matter. Get inspiration from the internet, especially from Pinterest. You can also buy any design patterns to stencil them on the wall. The choice of colors does matter if you are painting a wall that has furniture in the room. Try to match the color of the furniture, and make sure the painting and the furniture color complement.

5. Place Console Table

Place Console Table

Placing a console table near the wall, mostly this idea for the entryway. In most cases, as soon as we enter the house, there is always an empty wall on the left or right side of the door. It depends on each house. The empty wall in the entryway is not so welcoming for the house. Why not a small investment? You can also reuse it if you have a console table that couldn’t find any perfect corner at home. The table is not just a table to be placed on the wall. Fix a mirror above the table on the wall. It is believed that the reflection of the mirror while entering a home will observe all negative energy from outside. So, the mirror will have a purpose there, and it will create an illusion of space. You can place a small pot with plants on the console table, a key holder just above the table, reuse any small lamp and place it on one side of the table. So, there it is best and one of the simple wall decor ideas.

6. Hang Greens

Hang Greens

No need to repaint the wall; if it is already white, let’s match it with some greenery. Hanging greens on the wall and plants in the pot are not only meant to be placed on the ground, garden, or table. Sometimes they can be hung on the wall. What better space than hanging greens on the wall? Invest in green plants like money plants in the pot, so while they are hung from the wall, the money plant will flow down to give an aesthetic look. You can also nail the pots to the wall for growing some plants and succulents. Yes, they need some maintenance, but it is worth it. Instead of real plants, you can replace them with fake hangings too. The fake green hangings will resemble the original plants. As I said, keep the background of the wall white in color, another color will be good, but bright white will elevate the green color in the room.

7. Place Handmade Items

Place Handmade Items

The whole idea of DIY decorating the empty wall is to bring out the creativity in you. You can also place handmade items, like a frame made with threads of different colors, your own acrylic painting, glass painting, coffee painting, a frame with a design made with colorful beads, a handmade vase, etc. Instead of buying the painting or any other decorative items, we can use that made by us. There will be a sense of satisfaction, and it is home, so there are no judgments. Frames are not the only option; you reuse any old plates or broken plates. Use your color palette ideas, and give the plate color and design. The plate can also be nailed to the wall.

8. String up Some Lights

String up Some Lights

Let us brighten up the empty wall just by stringing some lights onto the wall. Fairy lights are common and most used decorative items. The fairy lights can be strung up the wall of any shape you desire. It is not necessary to cover the whole empty wall from top to bottom, just the center part of the wall. Improvise the idea by attaching your Polaroid photos to the fairy lights. Polaroid photos are always scrapbook memories. If you have any Polaroid pictures or normal pictures will also do good. Clip them onto the fairy lights. It is like memories on the wall under a bright light. You can always recollect the memories while looking into the picture.

9. Customized Neon Lights

Customized Neon Lights

When we speak of lights, fairy lights are common decorative items, but neon lights are popular decorative items. The neon light is now a trending decor item. We have a different range of colors in neon lights. All the mixed colors are used for party mood set up, but we can also use them for any decorative ideas too. There are customized neon lights available, not only just blanks lights. Customized neon lights with any words, your name, or any symbol are available. The customized neon lights with your name are mostly hung up on the wall above your bed in the bedroom. Since it is best suitable for personal spaces. In neon light, different neon colors are available, purple, green, red, and blue.

10. Clocks


Clocks are the most essential and underrated among all the wall decor ideas. A clock is a usual item always used in many households. Yes, it is just a clock, but still, the clock can decorate the whole empty wall. There are different size, shapes, colors, and even design in clocks. You need to invest in the correct type, the clock which will particularly go in that space. Place the clock not too high on the wall in the standing view. Place a table below with a flower vase and a lamp. The space is filled with time. There are different clocks as analog clocks, traditional wall clock designs, metal wall clock designs, digital wall clock designs, etc. Choose the clock which suits the space well.

11. Customized Wallpapers

Customized Wallpapers

When painting takes a much time, effort, and money, Why not choose the alternative? Wallpapers are the best alternative for wall paints and designs. You do not need to invest in liters of paint and labor charges or waste your energy. Wallpapers will do the same work as paints do. It is tedious to bring out an aesthetic look by designing using paints. But with wallpapers, they are already designed, it just needs to be stuck up on the wall. Since the wallpapers are temporary, you can often change your designs and the color of the wall according to your choice and taste. By using wallpapers on the wall, sometimes revamp of the whole room looks easy. There will be no necessity to move things into other rooms for painting purposes. Customized wallpapers are also a good choice to fill the space.

12. Colour Theory

Colour Theory

All this time, we have seen how to revamp an empty wall, and the color is always the main factor in decorating any space. Rather than hanging painting, and drawing design, experiment with color theory. We all are aware that there are many colors, and each color has its shades. Some people are creative and good with color combinations and color choices, and for others, there is always guidance and inspiration online. Experiment with some color theories, pick your favorite color, and choose all its different shades, from subtle to strong. Many interior designers use the 60-3010 rule while choosing colors for a particular room. 60% is the dominant color, 30% is the secondary color, and 10% is the accessories. If you are experimenting with color theory, keep this rule in mind. Every color has its character, which will reflect the mood of the room, so choose wisely.

13. Vision Board

Vision Board

Vision Boards are one of the best wall decor ideas. Vision Board is you put down your vision for the future either as a photograph or as a written script. This way, every time you look at the board, it reminds you of the work and effort you have to put in to make all the visions come true. Since there is an empty wall which needs life, why not hang the vision board on it? We would suggest going with this idea if the empty wall is in your bedroom. Because vision is for each individual, and it does come under privacy concerns. So, hang the vision board in your room. The empty wall is filled with the visions you need to work on for your future. You can make your vision board using cardboard or a metal board-like grid. Pin down all the visions, like places you want to visit, your long-term and short-term goal, your favorite hobby, etc.

14. Stencil Your Favourite Words

Stencil Your Favourite Words

As we previously discussed, stenciling designs to the wall. In the same way, stencil your favorite words or any verse to the wall. If you are not ready for the other ideas above and not ready to invest in any other materials. You can always choose this idea for work. Stencil down your favorite words on the empty wall that needs some care. We would suggest choosing your words or verse carefully. It can be from any part that you read. Words have powers, and stenciling them down on the wall will have an impact on the whole room. Stencil down the words that create positivity around the room, and positive quotes will do good.

15. Random Gallery

Random Gallery

Just put any random photographs into the photo frames. It need not be the family photos or anything that takes you down memory lane. The family gallery is probably for a private space at home. The random gallery wall can be set up in the living room for an appealing and aesthetic look. Choose photos that will set the mood of the room, and you know photographs have life. Photos are like a copy of the third vision, and they will have an impact on the whole room. You can also download any HD photos from online like stock images, Pinterest, etc., and in the random gallery, you can showcase your idealogy through photographs and set a tone to the room.

Create Your Own Space

Transforming empty walls into captivating displays is a rewarding endeavor that allows you to showcase your creativity. Throughout the article, we’ve explored 15 empty wall decor ideas that encompass a range of styles and mediums, providing you with a wealth of options to choose from.

Whether you opt for a personal family gallery, a gallery filled with random pictures, experimenting with unique color palettes, or utilizing mirrors to amplify light and create the illusion of space. These ideas are designed to elevate the interior space of the house.

Remember, decorating empty walls is not just about filling the space. It is part of the home which was unused. Each space and corner at home has its role to play, so make an empty wall a meaningful and go-to place at home.

Do not be afraid to mix and match different elements, experiment with colors and textures, and let your imagination run wild. With a little bit of planning, creativity, and ideas present here, you can transform those once-empty spaces into visually captivating points.

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