Making your bedroom perfect for resting and sleeping in between styles and creativity is difficult. You struggle to find the right type of creative pieces of headboards to make your room awesome. What’s worse is when creative headboards are expensive and don’t suit your room interior and then cost you heavily again for the replacement.

No worries. We have curated this list of 25 easy DIY headboard ideas for your bedroom to help you find the most suitable headboards for your room, to enhance the looks and creativity of your room interior.

We have covered from the corner headboards to the nightstand wrap headboards, mirror headboards to full wall headboards, the traditional headboards to the four poster headboards, wall-mounted headboards to the panel headboards, and more DIY headboard ideas, according to your room size and space.

1. Corner Headboard

Corner Headboard.jpg

If the room is smaller, like a studio apartment, you can make it more creative with the corner headboard DIY. Set your bed in one of the room corners and fix a corner headboard around it. You can fix the headboard with the wall or bed according to your suitability. It will create cozy nook vibes in your room, giving it the design of a larger sofa cum bed.

2. Entire Wall-Covered Headboard

Entire Wall-Covered Headboard

Cover the entire wall with the headboard if you have a large bedroom and are ready to experiment with it with a little risk. Use the sophisticated or painted panel as a headboard, according to your room’s interior. This entire wall headboard will bring looks of boldness to your room. Place the bed in front of this entire wall headboard.

3. The Art Headboard

The Art Headboard

To make your room creative with art, you can fix an art display behind the bed with the wall to make it an art headboard. Ensure that the art frame is large enough to cover the width of your bed and mounted close enough to make it part of your bed.

If you want to DIY, take a plywood board long enough for your bed’s thickness. You can cover it with the art prepared by you on a canvas or long fabric. To make it more creative, use the frame around your art to make it an art display, like DIY headboard ideas.

4. Nightstand Wrap in The Headboard

Nightstand Wrap in The Headboard

Creating the nightstand-wrapped headboard is a great choice to create a minimalistic look in your room and organize its maximum stuff. It looks better in the small rooms. To prepare this headboard, cover the wall behind the bed with a wood board larger than the bed size. Arrange the nightstand setup in one corner attached to the headboard, adjacent wall, and bed in one corner, and your nightstand headboard is ready.

5. Tulle Canopy Headboard

Tulle Canopy Headboard

If you want to make your bedroom like a fairy tale canopy is worth trying to create a light net headboard. This canopy is a great magical headboard for kids’ rooms, especially for girls fond of fairy tales.

Use the tulle frame canopy and hang it over one side of the bed to the ceiling to make it seem like the curtains are failing from the roof to the bed. Arrange the falling fabric over the head side of your bed to give the finishing look. You can keep the canopy color white or pink or any light or neutral or complimentary color according to your room design.

6. Mirror Headboard

Mirror Headboard

If your room is smaller and people in your home are more disciplined, nothing can be better than a mirror headboard.

Fix a big mirror in the wall behind your bed, and you can cover the complete wall for a better look and brighter vibes. This mirror headboard will make your compact room much larger, lighter, and more luxurious.

7. Plywood DIY Headboard Ideas

Plywood DIY Headboard Ideas

For the simple Plywood DIY headboard ideas, you will need the plywood board and wooden frame to attach to the bed or mount to the wall. Ensure that the headboard frame is long enough to cover the entire bed. Sand the wood with sandpaper to smooth the frame as well. Cover the frame with the plywood and fix it with the help of screws by drilling small pocket holes in the plywood. Mount it with the bed or wall to fix it and make it sturdy.

8. Curtains Headboard

Curtains Headboard

If you want simple and cozy headboard ideas, curtains are the easiest option to create one. Use a curtain rod above your bed mounted on the wall. Ensure that this rod is long enough to cover the bed corners. Use two-panel curtains to create the break puddle style, and you can open the curtain to make it stylish by draping it over both sides of your bed.

9. Wingback DIY Headboard Ideas

Wingback DIY Headboard Ideas

The wingback DIY headboard ideas are worth trying if you want to make your bedroom creative with a cozy and visually appealing attraction. They have a few protrusions on one side of the frame, and the top protrusions are common among them. You can create this type of headboard by DIY over a simple playboard that you can attach to your bed.

Use the thick foam sheet to create the fluffy vibes over the ply sheet and to create the shapes of wings by cutting the top side in continuous curve shapes to make the simple design. Take a solid hard cover fabric to cover the form to make it like a headboard. To give a final look, you can use the adhesive to stick the fabric with the form in the consistency of parallel vertical lines.

10. Add Blanket DIY Headboard Ideas

Add Blanket DIY Headboard Ideas

If you are looking for the easiest DIY headboard ideas to prepare within a few minutes, the Blanket DIY headboard ideas are worth trying. You will need a simple plywood board that is long enough to cover the length of the bed face; you can easily DIY it to make it creative.

Take an old blanket that still looks aesthetic or has a good pattern to brighten the room and drape it over the plyboard. You can stick it over the plyboard with the help of adhesive on the corners or use threads to tie it to the wooden playboard to make it sturdy.

11. Slatted DIY Headboard Ideas

Slatted DIY Headboard Ideas

If you want to adjust your bed near or in the front of your room window, a slatted headboard is worth trying. You’ll need a wooden frame and more wooden sticks to create these DIY headboard ideas. You can also prepare the frame by yourself. All you need to do is, take three wooden sticks and keep them parallel at a greater distance to that the total width turns out to be more than the length of your bed.

Now carefully place three more wooden sticks over the middle and one wooden stick parallelly and horizontally at an angle to create a slight slope. Screw the ends of these wooden sticks to the two vertical parallel wooden stocks to fix them. Repeat the pattern on the remaining wooden stick without layered wooden sticks with the middle wooden stick. You can also add more wood sticks according to the requirement and in the horizontal state. Your slatted headboard is ready, and you can mount it to your bed.

12. Flat-Roof Canopy Headboard

Flat-Roof Canopy Headboard

A flat-roof canopy is worth trying if you want a magical and aesthetic upholstered headboard. To create this headboard canopy, you will need at least two curtain rods to mount in the wall and ceiling of the roof of your room. Use the canopy curtain to drape over the curtain rods to create the flat roof headboard.

Drape the curtain in such as way that it will cover the bed from floor to a great height or around the ceiling behind the head of the bed, and drape the remaining curtain length on the second rod mounted on the ceiling to cover the bed surface from half to full depending upon your choice and set the small part of curtain free to create a layer. For creativity, you can use the patterned or textured canopy curtain and adjust the curtain rod height as per your requirement below the ceiling.

13. Gallery Wall Headboard

Gallery Wall Headboard

To create a creative or memorable headboard, try the art gallery and incorporate some of your best pictures or memories within a few frames to make it stunning and personalized. Mount the frames on your wall, organized behind the bed, to create the headboard.

To make it minimalistic, you can use similar-sized frames, and to make it creative, you can incorporate different frame sizes with similar shapes – for instance, all rectangular or square frames to hang your art or memories. You can buy or create great art pieces if you know how to create art and paintings well.

14. Upholstered Wood Frame DIY Headboard Idea

Upholstered Wood Frame DIY Headboard Idea

To prepare this gorgeous upholstered headboard, you will need fabric as wide as a bed, adhesive to stick the fabric with, a form mattress pad of 1-inch thickness, plywood, and six wooden boards, where two boards have the same dimensions, pocket hole screws, braid nailer and a french cleat.

To start with, lay down the headboard on the fabric and mark the outline to find out the exact requirements of the fabric. To ensure the smoothness of wooden boards, use sandpaper and rub them for final finishing. Take the two boards and create two pocket holes with drilling on one side of each board. Also, drill countersink holes in the adjacent sides of the pocket holes at a greater distance. Repeat the pocket holes drilling place, fit the U shape edges on the plywood top, and set the bigger boards around its edges. Clamp both of these types of boards and stick them by the pocket hole screw.

15. Dowel DIY Headboard Ideas

Dowel DIY Headboard Ideas

If you want to DIY the minimalist headboard, the dowel DIY headboard ideas are worth trying. You will need a wooden frame to start the DIY process. You can use wooden bamboo sticks, plywood strips, or even neutral-colored ropes, depending on availability and comfort. Fill this empty wooden frame by organizing the wooden sticks vertically at an appropriate distance.

Stick them with the frame with the help of wood string adhesive or by screwing them in the frame. If you want to use the rope, cut it into smaller ropes to consistently cover the frame height, and the frame will look partially filled with the ropes. You can tie the ropes with creative knots with the wood. If you want to DIY it most easily, don’t cut the rope; drape it smartly and carefully to create the pattern described above, and your Dowl headboard will be ready.

16. Wall-Mounted Headboard


The wall-mounted headboard can double down as the headboard and a decoration piece of the wall. You can choose the outer look as a completely solid color or even textured to make the headboard creative and attractive depending on the interior of your room and your preferences. You will need sturdy, strong hooks to hang and mount it on the wall.

To secure it, you can mount all four corners on the wall and place your bed in front of it, creating an illusion of a bed part headboard. You can also mount the top of this wall mount headboard in the wall at a height that lets the base of this mount touch and sit on the base of your bed mattress, imparting the look of the bed headboard.

17. Custom Message DIY Headboard Ideas

Custom Message DIY Headboard Ideas

To create a custom message headboard in your bedroom or guest room, you can use the wallpaperdirectly on the wall or the plywood board by creating it as a headboard. Think about a short and sweet message such as “Welcome “or “Be Our Guest” or anything positive you want to write as a reminder, and think about how you can create it, simple or creative.

You can use the plastic tapes on the wallpaper to create this message for the easiest DIY headboard ideas if you want to keep the message in the simplest fonts. You can also paint them with the help of a thick paintbrush and the acrylic paint on the plyboard.

18. Traditional Headboard

Traditional Headboard

Traditional headboards are a great choice to make your room creative with art and enrich the design with a royal look. These traditional headboards consist of wood or harder colonial fabrics, where each corner has its special feature and beautiful creative design.

These traditional headboards create intricate and rich looks in your room. You can mount them in the bed frame with the DIY to make it a part of your bed or fix them on the wall inside a larger frame behind your bed.

19. Macrame Boho Vibes DIY Headboard Ideas

Macrame Boho Vibes DIY Headboard Ideas

If you are looking for easy yet creative DIY headboard ideas, you can prepare the macrame within a few minutes, and this is worth trying. You need a stick or thick rope long enough to cover your bed width to mount or hang it on the wall above the bed. Now take strings or thin ropes to DIY and wrap around the stick or thick rope vertically by creating knots.

You can select the colored strings, or you can also paint them later for finishing purposes. You will mount them on the wall by creating knots. Cut the bottom part of all the knotted strings slightly to make the macrame layered and consistent or to create a particular design.

20. Shape Slabs DIY Headboard Ideas

Shape Slabs DIY Headboard Ideas

The Shape Slabs DIY headboard ideas include crafting round and arched shapes on the headboard. Depending on your choice and the efforts you want to put in, you can create the shape of wallpaper sheets or wood or even draw them directly on your wall. Select the material you want to use as a headboard and take the help of a pencil and circular things to create the shapes.

Draw them over the wall and paint for a direct painted wall-shaped headboard. Cut the shapes with the help of a scissor or plastic sheet cover to create the shaped headboard on a wallpaper sheet and stick it on your wall behind the bed. If you are willing to put in more effort, you can create it with the help of wooden slabs.

21. Panel Headboard

Panel Headboard

If you want to light up your room with headboard creativity, Panel headboards are worth trying. They also do not need much DIY. You only have to buy the panels of wall curtains and install them in your room.

Panel headboards create different sections in the entire wall headboards. You can use leather or fabric to cover them and give the finishing touch. Ensure to choose the leather or fabric wisely according to the interior of your room, and use panel rods to fix and attach them to the walls. You can install panel headboards in one or more room walls, depending on your choice.

22. Elegant Headboard

Elegant Headboard.jpg

Are you looking to create a royal and elegant look in your bedroom with minimal effort? With the elegant headboard, you can create luxurious looks with traditional or modern vibes depending on the fabric you will use to cover the headboard.

Generally, these headboards are wider as much as your bed size and have the full height to cover the entire wall behind the bed from the floor to the ceiling. You can choose the headboard design and cover according to the bed frames. Ensure that the color of the elegant headboard goes well with your room’s interior.

23. Wallpaper Headboard

Wallpaper Headboard

If you want to experiment with the headboards or look for solutions that can be easily replaced and changed, then trying wallpaper is worth it. Use sophisticated textured or patterned wallpaper to stick on the wall behind your bed. Ensure that the length of the wallpaper is enough to clever the head frame of your bed, and the height sits well with the bed height to give the illusion of a real headboard mounted separately.

Wallpaper headboard allows you to decorate your room with art, good design, creativity, and more. You can easily cover your bedroom walls with less DIY effort. The only considerable effort you need is to buy the wallpaper for the bedroom and paste it on the wall carefully.

24. Four-Poster Headboard

Four-Poster Headboard

A four-poster headboard is the best choice if you have a large bedroom and want to make your bed the center of attention with minimalistic and traditional vibes. What you will are eight wooden sticks to create the frame. Fix four equal-sized wooden sticks in each corner of your bed with joints from the floor to a great height.

Create one more frame that will lift high on your bed size and shape with these four wooden sticks attached to the corners. So there will be a new frame from the top. You can fix it with the clamps and screws, or you can also fix them if there is hollow space to create free and rigid joints used for wooden furniture.

25. Storage Headboards

Storage Headboards.jpg

Storage shelves fixed in the wall with open flaps and several boxes create the storage headboard behind your bed space with the wall. It looks like large bed linen. Storage headboards are a great option if you want to store the stuff without compromising the creativity and aesthetic of your room interior.

The best thing about the storage headboard is using it for multiple purposes beyond the primary storage. You can use antique pieces to organize your shelf to enhance creativity and royalty. You can organize the books in the storage headboard behind the bed to create a valuable look in your bedroom.

Final Thoughts

Everybody wants to make their bedroom elegant, and choosing the suitable headboard according to your bed and room interior is the way to get there.

Selecting the right type of headboard will depend on your room interior, the design and structure of the bed along with its size, the size of the room, the space in your room after setup, and finally, the looks you want to create according to your preferences.

This post shows 25 easy DIY headboard ideas for your bedroom to make it more aesthetic, cozy, or creative. Many headboards can double as storage without affecting your bedroom’s aesthetic looks.

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