Mantel decoration art is one of the eye-catching ways to decorate your living room or bedroom. Mantelpieces have been changed by their structure, shape, and firing system with time and their decoration art accordingly.

The most relevant styles of fireplace mantel decor have been changed with a TV which has replaced paintings, wall mirrors, or vintage wall-mounted murals. As both a mantel and a TV set are indispensable furniture for the room, interior decor art ideas have combined these two on the same wall with a wide variety of beautiful designs.

All the vintage stone-made, rock-piece finished mantelpiece designs and the latest glass-door finished gas or electrical mantelpieces have been remastered with a TV set on top in modern home decor.

There are plenty of options to design your mantel with your TV set for the beautification of your room. The area of the fireplace and size of the TV set depends upon the space you have in the room and the widest spot where you have to place them for wider common usage.

Tips for Fireplace Mantel Decor with TV

1. A Smart TV Displaying Artwork

 A Smart TV Displaying Artwork

You can fix an artwork or painting on its screen as a screensaver. Thus it will look like an illuminated painting on the top of the mantelpiece. This will be a combination of your mantel, TV, and a painting as a whole part of the fireplace mantel decor.

It will look beautiful if you can set up a few shaded or side lamps beside the TV set on the mantel, adjusting your sofa set in the front. You can also have a combination of multiple paintings as a changing screen which will show different paintings alternatively after a well-set timer.

2. Frame with a Vintage Wall Art

Frame with a Vintage Wall Art

Vintage wall arts are also a beautiful option to decorate the TV area on the mantelpiece. Masks, staffed idols, unique wall hangings, or simply designed gypsum wall art can be placed around the TV set and the mantelpiece. The place will look bright, gorgeous, and unique, with wall hanging or fascinating curio pieces on the top of the mantel.

However, place the brighter decorations on the wall in a way that its reflection would not distract your TV watching. Placing the lights and reflective wall hangings in a way that the combination can play a good role while watching your favorite TV program in the dark.

3. Use Plants on The Mantelpiece

Use Plants on The Mantelpiece

Greenery is another beautiful option to set on your fireplace mantel decor with your TV set. You can place leafy indoor plants in different uniquely shaped tubs without obstructing the screen or can put small herbs in a long rectangular tub through the mantel’s top length. There are many beautiful leafy plants that you can twist and bind with sticks through the sides.

Watery plants or herbs on glass jars or uniquely shaped bottles on sides are lucrative options for bringing life to your mantel and TV. You can make it simply green with one or two plants or bushy with a few more colorful plants depending on the size of the mantelpiece.

4. Fix the TV with a Photo Frame

Fix the TV with a Photo Frame

This is a very simple idea to decorate the TV set on the mantel. You can fix a photo frame around your TV set. Now, if you can fix any design on the screen or use a cover, it will really look like a photo on the mantel! It will be difficult to understand the TV within the photo frame until it is on.

You can use artwork designed for wooden or PVC frames with a good contrast color with the screensaver photo or cover to give it a vintage look. Keep an option for side-angled spotlights to give the area a good light and shadow combination.

5. Millwork with Shelves

Millwork with Shelves

Yeah! Designed or simple wooden racks around the TV and the mantel give the fireplace mantel decor area a look like a nice library. You can use them with arches, and glass covers, keep them bare open, and place the shelves like a library or an unusual shape.

These are spacious and a handful for keeping your books, guitar, small plants, curios, and antique pieces. The place will look tidy and gorgeous and help you show your polished taste. Make a good contrast of wall and millwork with the mantelpiece for better lighting options. Depending on your budget, you can use PVC bars instead of wood.

6. Use a Garland to Hang Around

Use a Garland to Hang Around

Using garlands on the wall around the TV set and the mantelpiece is a gorgeous plan to decorate the place. You can fix wreaths and swing leafy and floral garlands with a combination of tiny bulbs. This kind of decoration always looks like the festive season, and Christmas is just a few days away!

We recommend using wreaths and garlands made of artificial materials to last long. Natural flowers and leaves give an extra natural beauty. However, you must repeatedly change them as they do not last long. You can spray floral or natural fragrance sprays on your artificial garlands to make them feel like real ones.

7. Frame the Fireplace Like a Showcase

 Frame the Fireplace Like a Showcase

Another unique fireplace mantel decor decoration idea with your TV set is to cover the whole fireplace and its side like a showcase with a top and side. Frame the whole place keeping the TV in the center with glass framed doors. Make more than one chamber in the bottom, one will be the fireplace, and the others will be showcased.

You can go up vertically by the sides of the TV set or make it simply vacant. Wooden or wood-colored frames with glass cover, entire glass cover without frames, open chambers inside the walls, and tiny spotlights inside the chambers give the place an additional eye-catching beauty.

8. TV Cover with Artwork

TV Cover with Artwork

We already have discussed the artwork design on the TV screen for a beautiful look. You can have a TV cover with artwork on the top of the mantelpiece. It may be a sliding cover or a channeled cover with artwork on it. You can use a light board cover with a painting also.

That will help you to cover the TV with the artwork and will glow up the beauty of your mantelpiece. You also need not always turn on the TV for an artwork screensaver. The beauty will be more glittering if the base of the TV cover and mantelpiece frame are of the same color.

9. Background Wall Treatment

 Background Wall Treatment

The background wall is important while you are placing your TV set on your mantelpiece. Excellent wall finish with glossy, mat, ceramic, or stone finished background with a simple or mural-like finish to set the TV and fireplace mantel decor gives the place a good-looking shape. Simple lighting is good enough to brighten the area in this kind of wall finish.

Brickworks, bare brick finish, stone-like finish, or fixing ceramic pieces all these combinations can work here to make a beautiful look on the background. It will be great to design if the buffer wall for the chimney is getting out of the symmetric order to make the designs.

10. A Gallery Is an Eye-Catching Idea

A Gallery Is an Eye-Catching Idea

Yes, many of you are art-loving people, especially to paintings. If you can decorate the back wall of the mantelpiece and the TV set with a set of paintings, it will look like a mini art gallery. It will show your collection of paintings as well as cover the TV set within them above the mantelpiece.

The decoration will look more attractive and bright if you can arrange painting frames with different sizes in a chosen arrangement. These may be symmetric or asymmetric zig-zags on frame settings on the wall. However, you should use the required spotlights to show them up.

11. Make a Flat Background

Make a Flat Background

A flat background is a simple but reflective TV set surface on the mantelpiece for fireplace mantel decor. Keep the background wall simple and flat with a whitish finish matching the mantlepiece. The wall may have a ceramic, gypsum, or flat wood finish to hold the TV set. Any extra eye-catching decoration pieces will mismatch with the simplicity.

The surface of the wall, its color and polish contrast with the mantlepiece body, and the TV set play magic. You can place your favorite lamp shades or outside wall focus lamps to brighten the area. Usually, the opposite color contrasts with the TV set, and the wall looks more attractive.

12. Place Your Favorite Books on The Mantel

Place Your Favorite Books on The Mantel

You know, like art collections, books are also great tasteful treasures to collect and display. If you are not going to do a lot of millwork around the mantelpiece and TV set and want to keep it simple, place some collection of books in a series on the top of the mantle beneath the TV set.

Hardbound books with leather or fabric cover with golden or silver-colored encrypted names will win the show. You can even make more than one step on the mantel top to accommodate more books or a few pieces of curios with these. An outside focus lamp on them is good for this decoration.

13. Lamp Shades are Good Options

Lamp Shades are Good Options

Lamp shades are excellent ornamental decorative items for their beautiful shapes and lighting abilities in fireplace mantel decor. You can place a few lampshades on the top of the mantlepiece with different unique shapes, from vintage to ultra-modern. However, do not make the place messy with multiple lampshades.

Also, do not place them to obstruct your TV set or visualization from the lampshade lights. It would be better if your lampshades would focus vertically toward the ceiling and the top mantle base. Placing two lampshades on two sides will be good enough to bring beauty. Two unique but covered and similarly designed lampshades are good enough for the show.

14. Sculpture Pieces are Good Additions

Sculpture Pieces are Good Additions

You can be a lover of curios and antique sculpture pieces. You can place your collections on the mantelpiece without obstructing the TV screen. Place longer sculptures on the sides and in a visual gap not to be clumsy but tidy.

Also, make a contrast with the background wall color with your sculpture pieces. If this is a large or big burst, you can place it on a pedestal adjoined to the fireplace. One is enough on a single side if it is a large bushy dry wood shape or plant body. However, if you have a few short sculpture pieces, do not hesitate to place them beneath the TV set.

15. Split the Fireplace Chamber

Split the Fireplace Chamber

This a nice decoration concept if you split the fireplace chamber and keep the other part with different size chambers for decorative pieces. You can leave these chambers uncovered, but the finishing will be the same as the mantlepiece. A fine-decorated porcelain jar or a bronze statue may be a good option for the bigger side chambers or half-burst faces for the shorter chambers.

Inside spotlights are ideal for this chambered decoration. Most uniquely, this concept does not mess up the top and keeps the TV viewpoint clear from every angle. We would recommend you keep it tidy and numbered with chambers for your fireplace mantel decor.

16. Showcase the Whole Wall

Showcase the Whole Wall

This is an elaborate idea of making the showcase around the TV set and the mantlepiece. This is a wide area of millwork, converting the whole wall as a showcase around the mantlepiece and the TV set. Here the beauty is in the shape of the showcase and how you fix it with racks, covers, arches, and lights.

You can gather all your books, curios, show-pieces, and other collections in a place. Matt finished soft wooden frames with glass that look ideal for the arrangement. However, you can keep the showcase open without any covers or door plates. Frame the design wisely with the measurements of your collections to show.

17. Keep the Background Dark

Keep the Background Dark

A dark-colored background is less common designing your mantelpiece with a TV. However, a dark wall gives you a good ambiance to watch your favorite TV shows more comfortably. All you have to do is place enough lights on the sides or hanging fittings to show up decorations on the top or side of the mantlepiece without obstructing TV viewing.

A dark background wall with a whitish mantlepiece creates a unique contrast for an excellent view. You can put up ornamental designs made of gypsum or PVC fittings on the dark wall to turn heads toward your fireplace mantel decor.

18. Your Sound System May Fill the Gap

Your Sound System May Fill the Gap

If you are thinking of keeping your entertainment players together, your mantlepiece will look more ‘sound.’ If you have a good quality sound system or home theatre system, you can place the sound boxes on the top of the mantlepiece and sides of the TV set.

You can keep the sound mixer or your DVD player as well. These will not only change to a tidy look only, but you can also use your TV set and home theatre system together and enjoy more. The concept brings your mantlepiece top decorated with your entertainment machines all together in a place.

19. Use Wooden Wall Panels

Use Wooden Wall Panels

Wooden panels are very good looking on the wall if you want to make an artistic design with them. You can create many designs with wooden panels on the wall behind the TV set over the mantlepiece. You can add colorful wood pieces to the designs. Depending on your choice and surrounding furniture, any zigzag, crisscross, circular, or arch panel design may go.

If you can contrast the panel colors with the wall and mantlepiece and sofa linen colors, it will look simply great. Any hanging, standing, or pedestal lampshades from the side will give it a vibrant look.

20. Plan for a Fish Tank

Plan for a Fish Tank

Colorful fishes in tanks are also great ideas for fireplace mantel decor with TVs, like books or other showpieces. You can put one or a couple of jars on the sides of the TV set with glittering fighters or gold fishes. You can fill up the place between your TV and mantle top with a short-height fish tank that goes wide with the length of the mantle.

The other idea is if you are departing your fireplace chambers or background wall, you can place one or two standard-size fish tanks there. Just keep in mind to keep a safe distance and stout wall cover from the fireplace for its safety.

21. Minimal Decoration Can Work

Minimal Decoration Can Work

The minimal decoration is the idea of keeping the mantelpiece and TV area clean, neat, and away from various hardworking designs. A simple, plain finished wall with a mantlepiece and a TV set on the top is a plain and simple idea. This is less expensive and good for lighting your fireplace mantel decor. You can place one showpiece or a plant on the mantelpiece or may not.

If the mantlepiece and the fireplace chamber are well decorated with stone or ceramic fittings, the smart TV set on the top is enough to run the show by itself. Make a good contrast of wall colors and the mantlepiece to have a brighter look with the TV.


A smart TV above the mantelpiece is a nice option for your home decor and view your favorite TV programs in a warm, comfortable situation. All you need to decorate the place with your collections of artworks, books, showpieces, plants, and many more things. Plan your ideas to decorate, keeping a contrast with the other furniture, wall, and the area of the room. Keep the lighting options in your mind too.

In a larger view of the fireplace mantel decor with TV, the sitting furniture also comes within the decoration. If the style of the sofas or chairs with their upholstery goes with your TV and mantlepiece decoration, you can create a beautiful ambiance in the room with the whole. So, plan wisely with the size and shape of the room, mantlepiece, and TV set so that the whole thing looks excellent and tidy and comes within your budget. Never make a clumsy mantlepiece without judging these things.

Make it unique and beautiful with these ideas discussed.

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