Curtain measurements are a tough task if you have never done it before. You struggle with finding a suitable way of rod mounting to its height and the style of the curtain to full curtain length.

What’s worse is when you have measured all the right dimensions for the windows, but you don’t know about the curtain styling effects that affect the curtain measurements.

No worries. We have curated this post about how to measure curtains, the rod mounting measurements, and curtain height and width measurements to help you get the right measurements.

This post has also covered the tools you will use while doing window measurements and the tips for accurate measurements for window curtains. It has also covered additional tips about mounting and curtain styling.

Keep reading if you want to know how to measure curtains, windows, and styled-curtained measurements.

Tools You Will Need for Measurement

  • Measuring Tape – The tape measure is good for accurate measurements, especially if you are measuring it alone without the help of a second person.
  • Pencil or Chalk – Take a pencil or chalk to lightly mark the measurements near the window frame for rod mounting and placing.
  • Step ladder or step stool – For precise measurement, the best strategy is to measure the window frames and rod mounts from your eye level. So, you will need a step ladder or stool to reach that height.
  • Notepad or Paper – Keep a paper or notepad to note down all the measurements you will do, from window frame trim measurements to rod mounting. It will help you to measure the curtain length and width.

How to Measure Curtains Rod Width

Deciding where to mount the curtain rod is important inside or outside the window to determine the width. Once you are sure, determine the rod mounting height and measure the dimensions.

1. Choose a Curtain Rod Mount

Choose a Curtain Rod Mount

A curtain rod mount is essential to decide the length and height of the curtain. It is mounted inside the window frame or on the wall outside. Choose a specific rod mounting method, either inside or outside, depending on the choice and look you want to create in your room.

The inside mount is good for streamlined appearances and minimalistic looks. For these inside rod mounts, you will need a deep recess in the window to accommodate the curtain rod mount and curtain.

If you want to use the creative or curtain rod with design, mount it outside the window’s frame. This type of curtain rod is good for the layered panel of curtains or big-styled window curtains. These outside mount window curtains create the illusion of bigger rooms, give luxurious vibes in your rooms and block out the natural light.

2. Window Rod Width Measurement

Window Rod Width Measurement

Measure the window width from trim to trim and the whole frame.

Inside The Window

To mount the rod inside the window frame, measure window trim to trim. Note down the dimensions on the paper or notepad, and find a suitable height of rod mount near around 6 inches below the top window frame. Mark it with a pencil or chalk so that it will be easier to measure the length of the curtains.

Outside The Window

The rod is mounted 6 to 12 inches above the top window frame for the outside window curtains. So mark a light line with the help of a pencil or chalk above the window frame for height.

After measuring the window width, measure the bank of windows outside the trim pieces. Take the mount rod measurement from 8 to 10 inches more from each side of the window frame. So the overall rod mount length will be 16 to 20 inches extra than the window frame width.

For instance, for a 50 inches window frame, the rod mount width will be 66 to 70 inches. Mark the rod width ends for future accurate measurements of the curtains.

Tip: Measure the curtain panels on a full rod length basis for the accurate and rightly finished curtain.

How to Measure Curtains for Basic Curtain Length

How to Measure Curtains for Basic Curtain Length

Once you are ready with the Window width measurement and have decided on the Rod mounting and spacing factor, the next thing to do is take the basic curtain measurements. Decide what type of looks and style you want in the curtains, such as textured, shrinking, bunched, straight, sleek, etc. Consider adding Curtain Breaks with two or more panels if the window frame is wider than normal.

Depending on the design you want to create, there are three ways to hang your curtains. Above the window curtain rod sill to create a beautiful design and to cover the rod, below the sill to cover the window length, and up to the length of the floor.

1. Above Sill

You have already decided on the rod mounting position, which is 6 to 12 inches above the window., for the outside mounting. And then a few inches below the window for the inside mount. Now for the curtain height, Mark 1 cm above the rod mounting sill, as a starting point of curtain height measurement.

2. Below Sill

If you only want to cover the window length and keep it shorter, hang it in a low-sill style. Mark a few signs below the 15 cm window sill as an ending point of measurement for the curtain.

Place the measuring tape 1 cm above the rod mounting sill and measure it 15 cm below it to calculate the final curtain height.

3. Floor Length

If you want full-length curtains, floor lengths curtains are good for hanging your window curtains. They also have different choices, like standard floor length or falling on or near the floor.

How to Measure Curtains for Floor Length

1. Float Curtain

Float Curtain

Float curtains have standard floor lengths and float over the floor. To opt for this standard floor-length curtain height, mark 1 cm to 1.25 cm above the floor as an ending point of your curtain height. Place the measuring tape 1 cm above the rod mounting sill, below the window, and 1 cm to 1.25 cm above the floor to measure the final curtain height.

2. Kiss Curtain

Kiss Curtain

When the curtain touches or kisses the floor, it creates the look of a kiss curtain style. For this type of curtain measurement, measure the height by placing the measuring tape one cm above the rod and measuring it to the floor length.

3. Puddle Curtain

Puddle Curtain

The curtains falling on the floor create a puddle curtain look. To opt for this puddle curtain on the floor, consider the floor an ending point for curtain measurement and add 6 inches to 16 inches more in the final height. Place the measuring tape 1 cm above the rod mount sill to measure the final curtain height and measure it to the floor base.

4. Break Puddle

 Break Puddle

When the curtain tail falls on the floor just half or an inch in length, then that look is known as a broken puddle looks for the curtain. The break puddle curtain look is the middle ground of floor-length curtains with a puddle, float, and kiss curtains look.

How to Measure Curtains for Special Adjustments

Curtains are arranged in different patterns to make your windows and room creative or stylish. Often two or more curtain panels are used for the special curtain styling. Here are the two most popular ways to style window curtains.

1. Curtain Tiebacks

Curtain Tiebacks

To prepare the tieback curtains look, you have to tie them with small thin roped or strips. You can only do this measurement when you curtain in your hands. For the measurement, wrap the measuring tape around the curtains by loosely making a bunch of them by flooding and gathering them. Note the measurement length now for the tieback.

2. Add Curtain Layering

Add Curtain Layering

To create a fuller or layered look, You will need the two curtain panels to fit them on both ends of your windows on the rod mount. And you have to install one more rod apart from the curtain rod. You can install this rod slightly above the previous rod, two inches above and 2 inches wider from both ends. Or you can also install the double rod in starting if you have to use the layered pattern for your curtains.

Tips for Accurate Measurement

Tips for Accurate Measurement

Before you consider how to measure curtains, there are a few more important things to finalize. The style of the rod decides the hanging of the curtain, as they can lose a few inches depending on how thick the rod is and what type of style you are using while hanging, like inserting the curtain wrapping space directly in the rod or using the small hooks to hang them.

Deciding and everything before measuring for the final window curtain measurements will help you note the accurate measurements.

Such as

  • Curtain Rod design
  • Rod thickness,
  • Type of curtain hanging around the rod,
  • Rod mount type,
  • Rod mount height,
  • Curtain floor length style,
  • Curtain styling method

Final Thoughts

Everybody wants to make their room creative and calming with the curtains, and deciding the rod mounting type to height and what type of curtain style you will opt for according to your room’s interiors is the way to get there.

This post showed you how to decide the type of rod mount and how to measure the placement of the rod mount and its width. It has also covered how to measure curtains, and the basic curtain measurements for different types of curtains hanging to the styling curtains such as kiss curtain style, adding a layer, keeping minimalistic or creating the luxurious room vibes, and much more.

We have also covered additional tips and tricks for accurate measurements with the different styled curtains.

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