Cabinets determine your mood. What? Don’t believe it? Here’s how. Cabinets, as you would agree, are one of the most helpful furniture items. From kitchen to bathroom, cabinets play a major role in keeping your home organized. A well-organized home is not only easy to maintain and brings in positive vibes, and that positivity directly reflects onto the residents of the house.

Now, while cabinets handle your mess and make your home look neat and clean all the time, how can you give back to this god-sent piece of furniture? By spending dedicated hours on its cleaning and regular painting.

In this blog, we won’t tell you how to clean or paint; you must very well know it. Rather we will take you through some of the best cabinet paints that you can consider.

How Does Regular Cabinet Painting Benefit Your Home?

Before we dive into the discussion, let’s first understand why you even need to paint your cabinets. Cabinet paint isn’t just about redecorating the aesthetic of your home interior.

One of the primary reasons why people choose to paint cabinets is that it saves them loads of bucks. After all, each time you decide to give your kitchen or bathroom a new look, you cannot go out and get new cabinets, right?! And moreover, cabinet painting is quick, easy, and a fun activity that works wonders if you are feeling bored lately. A great fun way to bring out your creative side. And most importantly, cabinet painting allows your home to feel new every once in a while. After all, everyone deserves a new ‘coat’ once in a while, right?

Now, if you have already read so far, let’s get started with the list of the best cabinet paints to choose from for a perfect finish.

Best Cabinet Paint to Make Your Cabinets Look New

1. Benjamin Moore – Advance

Benjamin Moore - Advance

Rich, Smooth, & Long-lasting. Cabinets are the most under-appreciated piece of furniture in our homes, and they deserve supreme, luxury treatment. To serve this purpose, Benjamin Moore Advance offers an all-around fine finish. It is an ultra-quality, alkyd, water-based paint, offering both the qualities of oil-based and water-based paints. Hence, all-round.

It not only offers smooth, satin shine but also is highly durable in terms of resistance to rough handling and, therefore, works best if your cabinet is in spaces such as a garage or garden warehouse. It just won’t lose its polish and perfection.

2. Behr – Cabinet & Trim Enamel

Behr - Cabinet & Trim Enamel

This is the best cabinet paint available in their catalog. Behr’s Interior Satin Cabinet & Trim Enamel is proven to be best in terms of coverage and fast drying and is available in just the right budget.

It works best with a roller or brush, so whichever you feel great to use, this paint will be your companion in the re-decor journey. Another best thing about Cabinet & Trim Enamel is its easy availability in local stores, and that too, in as many colors as you want. So a true show-stealer.

3. Behr – Marquee

 Behr - Marquee

Owing to its fine coverage capacity and flawless finesse, this paint is the best in the low-cost range.

4. Inspired by U – Milesi

Inspired by U - Milesi

A cabinet painting created especially for DIY enthusiasts! Can you believe it!? Inspired by U is a premium Italian cabinet paint available to US home decor lovers. The main features of this paint include its quick coat settling, color permanence (i.e., it won’t change tone over time), and smooth finish.

Although this cabinet paint is a bit on the pricier side, hey, it’s an Italian finesse paint. So if you are someone who can go to any lengths for their DIY projects, it’s your chance to splurge and watch your cabinet shine.

5. Dixie Silk: All-in-One Paint

Dixie Silk: All-in-One Paint

Well, the spoiler is in the name itself. Dixie Silk from the House of Dixie Belle, with all its silkiness (ignore the pun), is the best all-in-one choice for your cabinet. Why all in one? Well, for starters, it allows application on a wide range of surface textures, with high durability and splendid color options.

Now in terms of its special characteristic, Dixie Silk is a Non-VOC paint, offering safe, harmless application for adults, kids, and pets alike.

6. InslX – Cabinet Coat

Cabinet Coat

Again, this is another hybrid formula cabinet paint, offering proper coverage, durability, adhesion, and unlimited color options. This paint can be applied on wooden surfaces along with large open wood grains as well.

This paint works best when applied using a brush rather than a roller and, therefore, may be suitable for people who are much more comfortable using brushes for cabinet painting.

7. Proclassic Water-Based Enamel

Proclassic Water-Based Enamel

If you are looking for paint that never disappoints, this has to be it. It offers hybrid qualities with tremendous flow but lacks coverage as compared to other top cabinet paints in this list. It is made using original latex and hence, dries quickly.

Upon the scrub ability test, the results for the paint were quite impressive.

8. Wise Owl – 1 Hour Enamel

Wise Owl - 1 Hour Enamel

Another All-in-one category cabinet paint. A one of its kind cabinet enamel, which is just the right amount of viscous and not too thick as well. It flows freely with your painting style and tool and allows you to have fun while you are at it.

Wise Owl One Hour Enamel is a water-based alkyd paint with a fast drying option, offering ease of painting with a smooth and scratch-resistant finish. Also, this enamel is best to cover and level up coats.

9. Behr’s Urethane Alkyd Satin Enamel

Behr’s Urethane Alkyd Satin Enamel

Another one from the house of Behr! Phew, it must be a truly renowned name in the cabinet paint industry. Behr’s Urethane alkyd satin enamel paint is, again, like the others discussed above, a hybrid cabinet paint. Offering qualities of both water and oil-based enamels. This paint allows great coverage with excellent leveling and adhesion qualities.

This paint is easy to use in a sprayer and through a roller but doesn’t give as many satisfactory results as a paintbrush. It is cheaply available at local stores in the US.

10. Heirloom Traditions

Heirloom Traditions

Chalky cabinet paint is water-based and Non-toxic in characteristics. The surfaces that can be covered using Heirloom Traditions are wood, Formica, leather, fabrics, ceramic, metal, glass, and more. The heirloom traditions cabinet paint is one of its kind as it needs no prior sanding or priming.

So, a quick and easy way to recolor your cabinets. Heirloom Traditions Paint can be used in Interior as well as exterior decor.

11. Country Chic

Country Chic

This cabinet paint has the least VOC and is ideal for furniture and cabinet painting, along with DIY projects. The chic country paint is chalky in texture, with a low odor. Therefore, no more allergies getting active and no more inconsistent paint texture. This paint offers a premium matte finish and comes in a variety of trendy colors.

12. Retique It – All in One Acrylic Enamel Cabinet Paint

Retique It - All in One Acrylic Enamel Cabinet Paint

Now listen to this. Earlier in this list, we read about a few all-in-one cabinet paints, but this one is special; how? Because of this, when we say all in one, it means this paint can be applied to cabinets, furniture, and even concrete! Amazing right?

The Retique It is a chalky yet smooth paint that is easy to apply using both brush and rollers. It is, so far, the best chalk cabinet paint. It works wonders when applied as more than one coat, thus increasing its durability, and has health hazards.

Summing It Up

Now that you have figured out which cabinet paint to go with, here are a few after-paint tips to make any paint last longer. Once you are done painting the cabinet, add a thin layer of transparent coat. This not only protects the paint coat but also creates a layer of gloss, making your furniture look bright. Make regular dusting a habit.

Because once the layers of dust start settling in, it makes the cabinet look old. And lastly, Keep your cabinets away from water. As even if your paint is waterproof, prolonged contact with water can harm the wood. Follow these basic steps and watch your cabinets shine brighter than ever.

Finally, we hope your DIY/home décor enthusiast must be satisfied with all the comprehensive yet quick reviews of the best cabinet paints available out there.

Karen Clark

With a Fine Arts degree from Auburn University, Karen Clark joined a platform in 2020 as a color and paint specialist. Her 15-year career has spanned roles from a color consultant for major paint companies to an interior designer, where her keen eye for color harmonies emerges. Her unique method involves blending historical color trends with contemporary palettes. Apart from work, she volunteers for community art programs, fostering creativity in young artists. She also enjoys landscape painting, capturing the natural hues that inspire her work.

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