Humans have been making pottery since ancient times, with origins from before the Neolithic period (10,000–4,500 BCE). Pottery is one of the oldest historic inventions by humans.

As you know, pottery is when clay and other materials are mixed with water to form vessels; these vessels are fired at high temperatures of 600–1600 °C in a kiln to make them durable. Before and after firing, pottery can be decorated. Usually, pottery is put into three categories: stoneware, earthenware, and porcelain.

Most pottery is functional and practical, but ceramic art is art made from pottery or artistic pottery. There have been ceramic artists in almost all developed cultures; these decorative objects adorn houses, museums, galleries, and many more places. Nowadays, the question of what is Rae Dunn’spottery is on everybody’s mind.

This article will help you answer that question and tell you where to find Rae Dunn pottery.

What is Rae Dunn Pottery?

What is Rae Dunn Pottery

Rae Dunn is a well-known ceramist from California State University, Fresno, and has worked in fashion design and graphics. She lives in San Francisco, Bay Area. 1994 she found her passion for clay and started doing ceramics full-time. She founded the Rae Dunn brand in 1995, and it became popular in 2010.

List of Rae Dunn Pottery Products

You have now realized what is Rae Dunn Pottery and know the tips on finding these popular ceramic pieces. So, let’s explore a few ceramic products by Rae Dunn.

1. Cookie Jar

Rae Dunn Ceramic Cookie Jar for Snack Storage, Snacks" Stoneware Treat Canister, White
  • RAE DUNN FARMHOUSE COOKIE JAR: This cute modern farmhouse cookie jar is a fun way to keep your snacks fresh and easy to grab. Fill this container with cookies or candy, or use it to hold pet treats.
  • ORGANIZE YOUR SNACKS: Create a dedicated cookie nook in your kitchen with this decorative cookie container. You can use this ceramic jar to hold treats for family, friends, and guests.
  • STURDY HAND-PAINTED STONEWARE: This treat container is made from food-grade ceramic and measures 5 1/2" in diameter and 8" tall. It comes with a handy lid to keep snacks fresh.
  • GREAT FOR COOKIE LOVERS: This treat canister makes an amazing gift. Add some country charm to your kitchen counter, or gift this adorable storage jar to your favorite cookie lover.
  • FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR HOME: Rae Dunn’s collection of handcrafted kitchen products seamlessly balances function and design while enhancing your day-to-day lifestyle.

This cookie jar is perfect for storing snacks, candy, or pet treats. You can have multiple cookie jars to organize your snacks. This way, each snack has its canister. Your snack nook will be organized entirely, so you just need to grab the jar to get your favorite snack. Buy it for yourself or gift it to somebody; either way, it will add to the charm of your kitchen. Food-grade ceramic was used to make this canister so your snacks stay fresh along with the lid. The jar is 5 1/2″ in diameter and 8″ tall, so you can fill many snacks into one.

2. Soap Dispensers

Rae Dunn Kitchen-Sink Soap Dispenser Set, Hand Soap and Dish Soap Dispenser for Kitchen with Sponge Holder and Tray
  • LIQUID SOAP DISPENSER CADDY: Keep your kitchen sink tidy while enhancing your kitchen decor with this cute sink tray and soap dispenser set, perfect for organizing your counter space.
  • HANDCRAFTED & TIMELESS: This handcrafted dispenser set matches any kitchen decor. With a classic, casual design and a generous capacity, this set lets you always have soap and a clean sponge handy.
  • STURDY LONG-LASTING STONEWARE: This dish sponge and soap set is made of natural and dishwasher-safe ceramic and is tough enough for any kitchen. It also features stainless-steel metal spouts.
  • UNIQUE KITCHEN GIFT: Perfect for a cooking enthusiast or as a housewarming present, these useful, timeless pieces will fit right into their collection.
  • FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR HOME: Rae Dunn’s collection of handcrafted kitchen products seamlessly balances function and design while enhancing your day to day lifestyle.

Keep this soap set next to your kitchen sink; hand soap, dish soap, and a sponge holder will help you finish the dishes faster. Your counter space will be organized, and that means less work for you. This dispenser set will match any kitchen decor due to its classic and casual design. This sturdy stoneware is made to be long-lasting. This set is the right gift for a cooking enthusiast or a housewarming present. This set looks lovely and is also practical. The ceramic is natural and dishwasher safe; those metal spouts are stainless steel. The dispenser’s capacity is also big enough.

3. “Un Poco Loco” Mug

Disney Coco x Rae Dunn "Un Poco Loco" Black Ceramic Coffee Mug
  • INCLUDES 1 CUTE DISNEY'S COCO COFFEE MUG (FRONT AND BACK SHOWN IN PHOTO): This Disney mug from the “Coco” movie collection by Rae Dunn features smooth black ceramic with “Un Poco Loco” in artisan text on one side and a stylized skull on the other.
  • COZY BIG COFFEE MUG: Enjoy a cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa with this charming coffee cup. Perfect for the countertop or your coffee nook, this ceramic mug is sure to make you go un poco loco!
  • STURDY, HIGH-QUALITY CERAMIC: This sturdy, funny mug is crafted from high-quality, food-grade ceramic and is hand painted. Hand-wash it to preserve the Mexican skeleton-art design.
  • UNIQUE & FUN PRESENT: Perfect for your favorite Disney lover or children’s animation enthusiast, this unique coffee gift will inspire you with its simple beauty and whimsical movie quote.
  • FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR HOME: Rae Dunn’s collection of handcrafted kitchen products seamlessly balances function and design while enhancing your day-to-day lifestyle.

From the special collection, this is a cup from the Disney movie Coco. On black ceramic, this mug has a Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) skull on the front and the words “Un Poco Loco” ( a little crazy in English) on the back. You can savor a cup of tea, coffee, cocoa, or any other beverage in this cup. Keep it in your countertop or coffee nook when not in use, and just admire it. Any fan of the movie or Disney lover will greatly appreciate this cup when you give it to them. The ceramic is of high quality and food grade. Since it is hand-painted, wash it by hand to preserve the skull design.

4. Stacking Espresso Mugs

Rae Dunn Coffee-Mug Collection, Stackable Coffee and Espresso Mug Set with Wire Rack, Handcrafted Mugs for Coffee, Tea, or Espresso, Set of 4
  • WHIMSICAL ESPRESSO CUPS: This modern and cute set of espresso cups reminds you to enjoy your coffee, whether you sip slowly or gulp on the go.
  • CREATE A HOME CAFE: Keep your coffee station neat and tidy with this set of stackable cups in a wire stand that looks good in any kitchen.
  • STURDY HAND-PAINTED STONEWARE: This coffee-cup set is made of natural and dishwasher-safe ceramic—it’s tough enough for any kitchen.
  • UNIQUE KITCHEN GIFT: Perfect for a coffee addict or as a housewarming present, these useful, timeless pieces will fit right into your collection.
  • FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR HOME: Rae Dunn’s collection of handcrafted kitchen products seamlessly balances function and design.

These whimsical espresso cups will look perfect on your kitchen counter. These stackable espresso cups help you keep your counter neat, so you know where everything is kept. Enjoy your coffee by sipping slowly or gulping in one go. Know a coffee addict or need to buy a housewarming present, this set of 3 cups is the answer. The ceramic is natural and dishwasher safe, so less worries for you, just more coffee to drink.

5. “Squeeze the Day” Canister

Rae Dunn “Squeeze the Day” Kitchen Storage Canister with Lid, Cute Kitchen Counter or Pantry Storage for Sugar, Flour, or Drink Mixes
  • WHIMSICAL FLOUR CANISTER: Store flour, sugar, lemonade mix, and more in this modern ceramic jar with lid, adorned with a cute lemon on top and the engraved message reminding you to “Squeeze the Day!”
  • COMPLETE YOUR KITCHEN: Add a lighthearted touch of homemade decor to your home with this adorable ceramic canister. This cute cooking canister will delight not only the chef but also their guests.
  • STURDY, HIGH-QUALITY STONEWARE: Each “Squeeze the Day” flour jar is food- and dishwasher-safe and measures 5 1/2" W x 8" H from the carved lemon wedge to the base.
  • UNIQUE & FUN GIFT: Perfect for a baker, a cook, or anyone who likes to entertain, this uniquely beautiful ceramic canister set will inspire you with its simple beauty and fun personality.
  • FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR HOME: Rae Dunn’s collection of handcrafted kitchen products seamlessly balances function and design while enhancing your day-to-day lifestyle.

This whimsical yellow canister will brighten up your day. Keep sugar, flour, lemonade mix, or other things. The words “Squeeze the Day” on the canister and the lemon wedge lid bring a lighthearted touch to you and your kitchen. Buy it for anybody who loves to cook or bake, especially since it is food-safe and dishwasher-safe. The canister will delight anybody who sees it, and you will receive many compliments on your choice.

Where Does Rae Dunn Get Her Inspiration?

She finds inspiration from the earth and sees beauty in natural forms, simple shapes, and found objects. Her ceramic work is simple and playful, which are essential in her life. Rae is a classical pianist, world traveler, and painter; artistic pursuits and other cultures influence her. Her ceramic work is deceptively straightforward. She is also highly influenced by wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic where the beauty of things is imperfect, incomplete, and impermanent.

Rae Dunn’s products are bowls, cups, plates, sculptures, vases, and other items. She also released three books: Wilma’s World: Good Advice from a Good Dog in 2015, France: Inspiration du Jour in 2017, and In Pursuit of Inspiration: Trust Your Instincts and Make More Art in 2019.

Why is Rae Dunn Pottery Popular?

Usually, you will find mugs, plates, and canisters that are all cream-colored; typically, these ceramics are emblazoned with one-word or two-word phrases like “yum,” “cream,” “sugar,” “butter,” “cookies,” “family,” “hello,” “bloom,” “flour,” “spread,” “tea,” “dance,” “ friend,” and many more phrases. These words are written in an unadorned, delicate, hand-crafted font. These minimalist ceramics are extremely popular, with fans sprinting to stores to buy them; there are Facebook groups dedicated to Rae Dunn pottery at both national and regional levels. These super fans are called “Rae Dunn Hunters,” “Rae Dunners,” or “Rae Dunnies.” These super fans trade their tips and secrets to get the most coveted Rae Dunn merchandise pieces.

The Rae Dunn craze, just like any other craze, is due to the scarcity principle. People want items that other people can not or do not have and attach more value to the items that are hard to find.

Where Can One Buy Rae Dunn Pottery?

You can find Rae Dunn’s crockery in retail stores of TJX Companies, such as T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, and Marshalls. The products are available on Amazon as well.

Tips on Finding Rae Dunn Pottery

Now you know what is Rae Dunn pottery; now you want to buy Rae Dunn Pottery. Here are some of the secrets and tips on getting Rae Dunn Pottery.

  1. Join a Rae Dunn Facebook group. You will get to know when new products are being released. You can buy, sell, or trade within these Facebook Groups.
  2. Facebook Marketplace is also an excellent place to check out. Set up an alert.
  3. On websites, do not search for “Rae Dunn” but look for “coffee mugs,” “oval,” “planter,” and other similar words.
  4. Talk to the employees at your local store; employees know when the subsequent Rae Dunn shipments are due.
  5. Check the pottery aisle at the stores because sometimes, you will miss them and walk past them without realizing it.
  6. Remember the merchandise carts; you never know what you may find in them.
  7. A store may display the ceramics in more than one place, so scour the whole store, not the “Rae Dunn” areas.
  8. Visit the stores when it is less busy or at random times.
  9. Check out Amazon or eBay.
  10. At Hobby Lobby, you find throw pillows and sometimes glassware.
  11. Look for tea towels, vintage tin cups, throw pillows, and glassware in the “Homeline” series at Kirkland’s.
  12. Remember to visit Poshmark, Depop, Walmart, Sierra, Wayfair, Overstock, and Mercari.
  13. Visit Magenta, which is the manufacturer of Rae Dunn’s products.
  14. Remember the thrift stores.
  15. Keep an eye on Rae Dunn’s Etsy shop and other shops selling pottery pieces.
  16. Make a friend with a fellow Rae Dunn Pottery lover and help each other out.
  17. Always check the clearance section.

Final Thoughts

Rae Dunn is a shy, soft-spoken, and quiet person — an introvert. She never imagined that her ceramics hobby would turn into her life. Never thought that her ceramics would be so popular that people would fight over them in stores.

There would be hundreds of Facebook Groups dedicated to her pottery, and she would be a household name. That her work sometimes changed people’s lives or helped them during difficult times. Her minimalistic ceramics are now in numerous homes, and her fans look forward to new products and holiday series.

If you are a fan after reading this article, start looking for your favorite Rae Dunn ceramic piece. The tips on buying Rae Dunn’s products will help you start your collection.

Write in the comments below if you knew before what is Rae Dunn Pottery. Do you have any of Rae Dunn’s ceramic pieces? Whether you are a collector, how many ceramic pieces you own, whether you are part of any Facebook Groups, where you buy Rae Dunn’s ceramics from, and other information about Rae Dunn’s collections.

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