Purple paint emanates the vibrance and incorporates the welcoming touch of spring blossoming flowers. But can you bring such vibes to your home with purple?

Suppose you are thinking of painting your complete home interior purple color without thinking about furniture, ceiling and floor, and other combinations. In that case, the last thing you want is to make the home full of purple that doesn’t even look good.

Before you start thinking if purple paint color is worth trying, we want to let you know that, yes, purple paint is worth trying if you pick a suitable paint shade that will go well with the room’s position, furniture, and other things in the surroundings.

In this post, we have covered the 11 best gray-purple paint colors to help you pick the most suitable purple with a balance of gray color tones to help you create an exotic and attractive look in your home.

1. Benjamin Moore French Lilac

If you want a purple shade that offers warmer vibes, pick up the Benjamin Moore French Lilac paint color. This color is slightly fainter than the purple paint shade and reflects the fainter vibes of Day-Glo. If you want to create a light warmth and vibe in your room, it is a perfect choice. The French Lilac goes well with the deaths that are medium or light. The French lilac doesn’t reflect the intense sunlight on the room walls.

The good thing is it also doesn’t absorb much sunlight falling on the room walls. So French lilac has a nice balance when it is up to holding and reflecting light. This color goes well with the white and earthy paint tones, like white floor and ceiling, French Lilac walls, and earthy tones furniture.

Benjamin Moore French Lilac

2. Mid-Tone Purple Poppy

If you are looking for a shade that pops out the purple vibes and doesn’t look much purple, this Mid-tone purple shade of purple is the one to pick for. The color has a delicate look. This paint color has rich undertones of blue and violet color that reflect the gray color vibes enough while maintaining the purple shades.

For instance, this Purple Monochromatic home interior view taken by Katri Kapanen from Helskinki Home has mid-tone purple poppy shades. The room walls in a light purple shade go well with the shoe closet, doors, and ottoman. The home interior is well balanced with the purple poppy and pink carpet color tones. The touch of gray color is sufficient to give the cool undertones vibes because of the blue color mixture.

Mid-Tone Purple Poppy

3. Dreamy Cloud Grey Purple

If you are looking for the most popular soft purple paint color having a hint of violet, Dreamy Cloud is the one to pick up. This color is unique as it is moderately neutralized purple paint held back by the neutral undertones. When painted, this color doesn’t look like the overly bright purple color and reflects the dusky vibes of lavender sliding into the cooler tones.

If you paint your room door face towards the north side, it will look cold, so it is not the best choice for such a room, but you can still use it. The dreamy cloud of purple paint goes well in the room whose face is towards the South direction. This paint color will reflect the light to light up the room wall by reflecting intense sunlight.

Dreamy Cloud Grey Purple

4. Light Gray and Periwinkle

If you are looking for a purple paint or decorative theme that is monochromatic and looks stunning, this combination of light gray color and periwinkle is worth trying. For instance, this Oasis view design captured by Annie Schlechter from Cathay Chapman Designs has awesome monochromatic balance and stunning vibes. The mute and neutral pastel color palettes of Grey Purple are perfectly combined and utilized with the white and grey color combination.

The purple paint shade, rich in grey undertones, covers the ceiling, walls, frames, door, and bed cover sheets. The periwinkle purple shade is used as the furniture cover sheet. The floor pattern perfectly balances grey, white, and Grey Purple shades. The aesthetic, creative design is incorporated via the mirror frame, antique piece, and chandelier hanging on the ceiling of the room.

Light Gray and Periwinkle

Exotic Royal Purple

If you are looking for multiple vibes that reflect the exoticness, intense feel, and wild theme in your room, Exotic Purple is the best choice. This color shade gives a cool style and confidence. So many vibes and a mixture of reflections make this color shade the Royal one, which brings Royal vibes to the room and walls.

For instance, this Royal Purple Vestibule view in an image taken by Eric Piasecki emanates multiple vibes. In this Verstibule interior design, royal purple with deep shades is used. The softer tones and shades are used in the surroundings to avoid complete purple paint and to make the room softer and well-balanced royal purple Vestibule surroundings.

Exotic Royal Purple

6. Mauve Desert Grey Purple

If you are looking for a purple color shade that has enough of the purple color by balancing the brightness, Mauve Desert is the best choice you can pick up. This color shade s a lovely tone of saturated purple paint color that maintains warm, bright vibes with a neutral touch in the faintest tones. The Light reflection value of the Mauve Desert Paint shade is 38, which is quite good enough when it is about absorbing the light and reflecting the light falling on the walls of your room.

The Mauve Desert is warmer and goes well with neutral hues and white shades. For instance, this zone is perfectly balanced with the White frames, table, and wood accent chairs and floor. The Mauve Desert Wall separation looks perfect and goes well with the look and vibes of this zone.

Mauve Desert Grey Purple

7. Crocus Petal Purple

If you are looking for a purple color that reflects most of the violet vibes and has deep undertones of gray color, Crocus Petal Purple is the most suitable paint color choice. This shade is taken from the pretty perennial and gives the vibes of early spring crocus, rising from the snow look. This color looks stunning and creates an extravagant chic look and vibe. For instance, this jewel-toned Interior view taken by Roger Davies from Jessica Stam Home reflects the crocus petal purple with other purple shades.

The pink, purple, vintage, and metallic colors and things perfectly balance each other. The light color shade incorporation via glass coffee table and window sheets adds enough light and shine to balance the deep shades of purple. The patterned rug goes well with the living room look, reflecting the gray color undertones vibes.

Crocus Petal Purple

8. Dark Grey Purple

If you are looking for deep, dark, and solid interior redecoration, this combination of Dark Grey and Purple is worth trying. For instance, this dark grey-purple bedroom interior by Shapeless Studio is balanced with the black theme. The overall look vibes like the contemporary, relaxing room. The walls painted with the dark grey-purple color reflect the intimate mood. The charcoal and black sofas and furniture create deep vibes with an intimate mood.

The incorporation of the faintest shade of cream in the painting, on the floor rug, and the pillow covers soften up the dark vibes creating the contrast and balancing it. The pink, black, and covers bring a bright touch to the dark room, like the cream shade. The wood accent on the floor prevents the overall room look from getting darker.

Dark Grey Purple

9. Benjamin Moore Sandlot Grey Purple

If you are looking for a shade of purple having enough gray color, Benjamin Moore Sandlot Gray paint is the one you can pick up. This paint tone has a good dollop of gray color undertones in it. The warm tones make it the shade of purple color, and the gray undertones bring this color in the neutral shades. The Sandlot Gray color paint has a warm tone. And softer look like the Pinkish Taupe color look.

This shade of purple can light up your room with a punch, adding depth to the vibes. This purple shade of Sandlot Gray color goes well with neutral hues like brown and wood accent tones. To bring balance to your room, you can also incorporate the cream or white color, as shown here in this image via Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore Sandlot Grey Purple

10. Hydrangea Purple

If you are looking for breathtaking summer vibes and feel in your room or interior with purple shades, Benjamin Moore Hydrangea is the best choice. This color has deep tones of purple and emanates the Hydrangeas vibes. For instance, this Purple Veranda view taken by Simon Upton has attractive looks and vibes that can inspire anyone to pick up this painting or living space. The vibrant shade of purple perfectly sits on the Veranda and outdoor surroundings.

The zone is balanced perfectly with the design incorporations in the ceiling, the center table as the decorative antique piece, and the plants adding their natural beauty with the green shades. The combination of Hydrangea’s Vibrant purple shade, white, green, and earthy tones looks fabulous and can inspire you to incorporate a similar theme in your home.

Hydrangea Purple

11. Cadet Gray Purple

If you want a mysterious combination that brings moody vibes and goes well in your living space, Valspar Cadet Grey Purple is the easy choice. This color shade is a mixture of Violet and grey tones. The Cadet gray color can transform your room into a heaven space if you pair it well with the other combinations. The cadet gray color emanates snuggly vibes and feelings, making it the perfect choice for moody zones like living spaces, relaxing rooms, and libraries.

For instance, in this living space interior by Valspar, The cadet grey purple goes well in the wall and floor rug texture. The sofa covers are nicely paired with the grey and cadet grey shades and the pattern incorporation. The white window allows enough space for sunlight entrance, making the room light and shiny.

Cadet Gray Purple

Final Thoughts

Everybody wants to light up their home interior and surrounding with natural and spring-welcoming vibes that look warmer and neutral at the same moment so that they work perfectly for all seasons. Using a suitable grey-purple paint shade according to the theme and architectural style of your home interiors and pairing up the purple paint with its multiple shades or other lighter tones like white and neutral hues is the way to get there.

This post showed you the 11 best purple paint colors that look exotic, warm, and attractive enough to inspire anyone to steal the interior paint theme ideas from your home to incorporate in their house.

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