If you have searched for an Art gallery wall passionately, you might come across Mixtile via Instagram or Pinterest. You might have been tempted to utilize it for your home, but still confirming if it’s worth trying or not! No worries! We are here to share our personal opinion considering all the important factors about mix tiles review you need to know.

Even if you have not heard much about them or read many mix tiles reviews, we have covered it for you. This mix tiles review of the Peel and Stick photo gallery wall explains how and why it is worth investing in for your home, and you should go for it. Mixtiles is a brand that creates stunning customized photos you can utilize as gallery wall art.

In this post, we have shared the Mixtiles: A Peel And Stick Photo Gallery Wall. Count me in to make it easier for you to reach the final decision.

What are Mixtiles Photos?

What are Mixtiles Photos?

Mixtiles are photo tiles that come with photo frames and are re-stickable. Mixtiles allows you to convert your favorite photos into wall art with their special features. Their preferred dimensions are in size 8 inches x 8 inches. They have also bought portrait and landscape frames that are going to cost you more according to the size.

Unique Features of Mixtiles Photos

Unique Features of Mixtiles Photos

The nail-free design makes the mixed tiles photo frame unique. To use these photos, you don’t need nails or screws to use them on the wall of the interior. You just have to peel the bottom layer and stick the adhesive strip of the photo board on the wall.

These mix tiles are repositionable and re-stickable according to requirements and adjustments if needed. You don’t need other hardware to hold these photos in place. The hassle-free usability has made the mix tiles photos a perfect choice to use in homes and offices for wall art. People also love to offer mixed tiles photos as a gift to their important people on their birthdays, anniversaries, and other important occasions.

The Appearance of Mixtiles Photo Board

The Appearance of Mixtiles Photo Board

They come in a styrofoam strip that is easy to stick. You can stick mix tiles pictures all together to create a wall art or wall gallery view. You can also hang them separately if you are not fond of the wall art gallery.

When it is about feeling them, you can see your family’s faces in them, which is always priceless and worthy. They bring the aesthetic view apart from your personal pictures and lovable memories, which is priceless.

When it comes to dimensions, they are 8 * 8 inches in length and breadth, with a depth of one inch that offer them a three-dimensional look.

The mix tiles order delivery includes a photo surface that is of foam board type having the finishing touch in matte finish style, and the frame board is made up of plastic.

Mixtiles Review and Features

1. Mixtiles Customized Pictures

Mixtiles Customized Pictures

Mixtiles allow you to customize and personalize your order. You can upload any type of picture you want, from your own to your family or kids. They will convert it into the picture foam board and frame and send it to your doorsteps.

The only restrictions are avoiding nudes and sharing poor-quality and blurred pictures. The rest of the other pictures are customizable and personalized.

You can expect the quality according to the quality of the images you are going to provide them. They should be clear, sharp images. So you are free to choose your style and size and have full control over what type of pictures you want to use for the wall art. This not only allows you to customize things, you can easily create a whole new wall art with your awesome and loving memories.

2. Mixtiles Customized Frames

Mixtiles Customized Frames

The other good thing after the customized images is the customized frame, and you can choose from:

  • White frame, No frame, or Black frame.
  • No mat-look border of a full photo with frame.
  • A photo with a White Mat-Look border.

You can select bold or classic pictures for more customization touch and your preferences.

3. Mixtiles Review of Ease of Usability

Mixtiles Review of Ease of Usability

Mixtile peel-and-stick pictures are easy to use and stick. You can easily hang them on the wall by peeling off the bottom strips and simply sticking them individually or creating a wall art gallery.

Once you have pasted them, and if you feel unsatisfied with their location, you can easily change their position whenever needed. The good thing about using these pictures and frames is that your wall will be free from nail marks. When you stick them properly and securely on the wall, they are not going to fall off because of the strong adhesive strip in their backside layer.

Peel and Stick Mixtiles Review

Peel and Stick Mixtiles Review

  • Mixtiles pictures have awesome peel-and-stick features. You can un-stick and reposition them several times without losing the glue grip. The photo foam board works on the majority of the wall. You can relocate them six to eight times, and you will feel that you’re sticking them on the wall for the first time.
  • Mixtiles peel and stick pictures don’t only hold their glue with the photo foam board, but they also keep your room walls clean. When you remove the Mixtile picture and frame from your wall to relocate, it is not going to peel off the paint. You will also not observe any residue of the photo foam board on the wall where you have stuck it.
  • The strong adhesive strip of photo foam board helps them to stick firmly on the wall, and they will stay there for a longer time. These peel and stick Mixtiles photos are supported by most surfaces, including wall surfaces, wood, glass, and even tiles.

Pros & Cons of Choosing Mixtiles Photos


  • The photo-framed prints are of higher quality. You don’t have to use nails or screws to fix them. Peel and stick features allow you to reposition them on the wall or in another room easily. You can easily stick them on the wall with minimum effort and time.
  • When it is about more people and buyers, Mixtiles managed to get awesome reviews and ratings. The mix tile brand has already got a 4.9-star rating out of five on the App Store and excellent rating reviews on Trustpilot based on more than ten thousand Mixtiles reviews on the Trustpilot.


  • The mixed tiles photo foam board supports the majority of the walls, but if your wall surface is not going to support them, they will not work for you. So already test the adhesive nature of other sticky things on your walls before you place the order.

How to Order Mixtiles Photos?

How to Order Mixtiles Photos?

If you are not looking for personalized wall art, you can easily place an order online to get Mixtiles Peel and Stick Photo gallery wall.

1. Mixtiles Website or App

If you want personalized and customized wall art pictures, go to their website or app, click on “Create My Tiles,” and keep filling in the details like for whom you need them, your name, and Email, as it asks to create your account.

Once your account is created, you are ready to upload your personalized pictures. Don’t rush while giving them.

2. Collect Personalized Pictures

Take your time, and select some of your best and high-quality pictures that already look stunning, sharp, and good in all aspects. If you don’t have that much collection, pull your partner and ask them to click some of your amazing pictures individually and as couples. You can also go for a professional photo shoot if you are serious about your investment and don’t want to take a risk about quality.

Another good thing is that you can also use pictures of your pets or plants if you want them to include and flaunt them.

3. Process the Necessary Details

Upload your best and high-quality pictures. If the quality of your images is less than 500 x 500 pixels, the Mixtiles app will warn you. So better keep the quality of your images highest.

Select other details like frame type and size and finishing touches. Ensure all details are right before you set the order, and your country and address are also right. When you are double sure of the details, place and confirm the order.

4. Mixtiles Photos Shipping

Mixtiles offers you free shipping services across the world. This means they are going to deliver it to your region without costing you extra. But they are costly with minimum delivery requirements, so your shipping charges might already be included. The order will take some time to reach you because of printing on demand and your region, so you will need patience after placing the order.

According to their website, another best thing offered by Mixtiles is guaranteed satisfaction. If you do not feel satisfied with the quality of the photo boards or adhesive strips, they will return your money when you reach out to them.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a personalized and customized wall art gallery in your home, the Mixtiles peel-and-stick photos are worth trying, as shared in this brief personalized Mixtiles review.

Everybody loves customization and creating loving memories in the bigger picture. And if you also want to store your great and awesome memories with your partner or kids or anyone who is an important part of your life, try Mixtiles peel and stick customized photos today to make your memories flaunting special.

This post showed you the Mixtiles review of a peel-and-stick photo gallery wall personalized review to help you to decide on giving it a try to how you can proceed if you also want to create a customized and personalized wall art gallery from MIxtiles photos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Photos Can I Upload on Mixtiles for Customization?

You can use any type of picture, from your stunning selfies to face images, trip images, individual pictures of your kids, family pictures, pictures with your partner, captures of your plants, and pictures of your pets. Almost all types of images are acceptable on mixed tiles when it comes to personalization. The exception is nudes. A few mixed tiles reviews have also pointed out that they don’t work on nudes, so you have to be careful while uploading romantic pictures.

Can Mixtiles Send My Order Quickly in My Country?

Mixtiles works at its own pace, which involves receiving the order, working on it, preparing the final results, and shipping it to you. Currently, they don’t have any rush-speed delivery. So you have to wait. The shipping usually takes up to a week. And depending on your country and inner locality, it may also take more days. While placing the order, you can check in the Mixtiles app about the expected delivery and if delivery is possible in your country and locality.

What if My Walls Don’t Support Mixtiles Photos?

The Mixtiles peel and stick photos work on a majority of the walls. If your wall surface doesn’t support the adhesive strip of Mixtiles peel-and-stick photos, reach out to the Mixtiles customer support team. The terms and conditions are applied while handling such cases, and they offer a refund in these scenarios.

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