Do you want to show your creativity with a brick fireplace makeover? Do you need some renovation to your brick fireplace areas? A brick fireplace brings cozy and warmth to the whole house.

But what if we need to add more ideas to it to make the ambiance good? You can follow the architectural norms for the living room to create an eye-catching focal point.

You can enjoy the beautiful paintings, grey textured walls, and many more. Isn’t the lines surprising? With curiosity in your mind, check the blog to find the best DIY brick fireplace ideas which you can apply to your living room.

Top DIY Brick Fireplace Makeover for Living Room

There may be chances that you have already tried some ideas. With respecting times, you can shortlist them and keep noting the other ideas you can try for your area. Check the lists stated below:

1. Paint the Brick Fireplace with Grey Colour

Paint the Brick Fireplace with Grey Colour

You can bring a modern furnish look by painting grey color to the bricks. It is one of the easiest ways to update the existing home decor. Also, painting the brick fireplace will provide a new look with one of the budget-friendly ideas. Choosing Grey color is a suitable option for the brick fireplace. You are free to choose the color according to your choice and home decor. But make sure that the color obeys the fireplace.

2. Framed Mirror Designs With Houseplant

Framed Mirror Designs With Houseplant.jpg

The brick fireplace is usually situated in the middle/focal point of the living room. There are walls and ceilings which have additional textures present in them in the form of red bricks. Add a beautiful frame mirror on the wall. Take the size of mirror designs as per your wall measurements. You can use your creativity to decorate the framed mirror. You can also keep the houseplant beside it to add more beauty to the area.

3. Decorate It with Beautiful Paintings

Decorate It with Beautiful Paintings

If you are an artist, this idea will surely benefit you. First of all, you need to check the color of your home. After that, you can show your creativity by painting it with the color of your home as the focus. But it is good to draw it on the sheet and then bind it as a frame. Keep that painting above the fireplace. Also, you can purchase beautiful paintings from the market per your area’s colors. Paintings add more charm to the room with the walls and ceiling.

4. Fun Decorative Items

Fun Decorative Items

You can choose to decorate the wall with fun artwork. Surround the other living rooms with a related theme, such as selecting a specific theme and bringing associated materials on the shelf. Above the brick fireplace, give a picture of some animals or themes based on fun ideas, which creates an exciting environment. Kids usually love seeing fun decorative items.

5. Embrace the Brick Fireplace Makeover

Embrace the Brick Fireplace Makeover

This is one of the soothing DIY ideas to embrace the area. Start an indoor plantation in the room with a touch of tropical flairs. Put the dwarf, evergreen tree in your brick fireplace area. There are other decorative flower plants also available which creates a romantic environment. Creating a greenery connection to the site brings good vibes with fire and the background.

6. Blue Living Roomplace

Blue Living Roomplace

Choosing blue is one of the best options if you want to give a bold look to your brick place. The fireplace can bring an interesting effect if it’s covered with blue, like there can be a mix of textures with walls, sofas, wallpaper, and a beautiful flower vase on the table. If you are a caeruleaphile (liking blue colors), you can make the place look bolder with more interesting decor items.

7. Red Bricks with Extra Woods

Red Bricks with Extra Woods

If the brick fireplace of your area has a red texture or red bricks, you can put in extra wood using a small basket. Take the wood as a storage area where you can keep decor items and enhance the area’s beauty. An extra wooden box can also be kept near the sofa to support additional items. To add more beauty, paint your area with a red texture if it lacks somewhat.

8. Unique Brick Fireplace Pattern

Unique Brick Fireplace Pattern

Add a unique brick pattern to your fireplace area. There may be chances that you may be bored of the old traditions of brick. Give a modern look by using different brick patterns to it. Somehow it depends on the size and shape of the bricks previously used. Contrast it with the fireplace designs and make it look extraordinary.

9. Showcase Unique Collections

Showcase Unique Collections

Usually, fireplace mantels have some space for keeping items. Start using those areas by keeping unique collections. You can add items that are your favorite. Many people have the habit of collecting unique collections. Make those places the area where you are going to store such collections. For Example, you can place a signboard with the “Classic Collections that have my heart.”

10. Bricks with TV Units Installed

Bricks with TV Units Installed

Television acts as a source of entertainment and also decor items. There are various wall-design TVs available in the market. Installing a TV at the center of the accent wall is unnecessary. Fireplaces generally have space to fit your TV on the wall easily. You can easily enjoy the TV with your closed ones and feel the ambiance’s vibes. Coordinate the brick’s color and the TV installed in the room.

11. The Best Book Storage House

The Best Book Storage House

You can make a library at home by incorporating it near the brick fireplace. You can bring a twist to the traditional shelf with the best books. Start making your area feel more warmth with the thriller, comedy, and historical texts in it. One of the DIY Brick fireplaces can be with a wall of storage house with the best books. You can keep all the books of your favorite authors.

12. Glass Doors

Glass Doors.

This is a check to find that your fire burns better. Glass doors are the best source to help the fire burn. You can enclose the area with the glass doors. A glass door would be preferable if you compare your area with other doors. There are various options available for the glass doors. These designable glass doors bring an attractive look to the area.

13. Vintage Window Frame

Vintage Window Frame

The vintage window is one of the best representations of antique decorations. Brick fireplace usually shows the typical farmhouse decor. A window frame will add beauty and give a new look to the house. This represents the love towards the old tradition. The rustic black frames will provide a mixture of vintage and contemporary looks. To make it more modern, add some photo frames near it. The vintage serves as a backdrop for many decor elements in your home.

14. White Paint with Wood Mantel

White Paint with Wood Mantel.jpg

Many times people get bored of seeing the same brick designs. You may be bored with the same color bricks for a long. So you can give your bricks a fresh coat of paint with the budget-friendly white color. As bricks are porous, you need to provide multiple coatings to them. White paint will give a new shiny look to the fireplace. You can easily wipe the dirt over the surface once it’s painted.

15. Double Sided Brick Fireplace

Double Sided Brick Fireplace

A double-sided brick fireplace is one of the best ways to feel the warmth on both sides of the room. The decor items on both sides continue with the brick fireplace. The traditional sofas add beauty to the area with beautiful paintings hanging on the wall. The double-sided brick fireplace brings a visually appealing to an open living room.

16. Black Brick Fireplace

Black Brick Fireplace

The brick fireplace is the main element/center of attraction. Even though it is in small doses, it adds beauty and interest to the homies. There may be many elements present around. So black brick fireplace adds shine to other elements too. The color contrast makes the place the best focal point for the work. The black brick fireplace can serve as the best area for different parties. It brings out the best appearance of the home. Also, people love the easy-to-clean benefits of it.

17. Small Garden

Small Garden

Are you a nature lover? This DIY technique can be the most helpful to you. You can bring nature vibes to your place with the booming plants. You can choose the size of the plants depending on your area. The area should be a small garden with booming plants and flowers. Further, you can add vibes by bringing more items related to it into the area.No matter the color; the booming plants will spread their ambiance to the area.

18. Seasonal Decor Items

Seasonal Decor Items

This uses the creative part of the decor in the brick fireplace. Do you prepare items in different seasons? There is a wooden mantel present that can be used to keep seasonal decor items. Like the picture above, use the Christmas theme and decor the place. You can mention the significance of the festival. Or you can add images related to it on the boards. Also, create signboards that catch every visitor’s eye. This spreads positivity to the whole house. Even a simple set can bring an entire change to the home.

19. Calligraphy Board

Calligraphy Board

This is one of the exciting ideas to implement. If you are a calligraphy lover, you can start writing positive messages. You can either write new thoughts daily on the board. Or else have a wooden frame where you can pass positive messages. Once everyone starts reading, you will be inspired to make new designs and decorate the area. This simply appraises the family’s thinking in front of outsiders. Start scribbling the beautiful message with the best calligraphy pens. Also, the white furnished bricks will add more attraction to the area. Calligraphy board acts as the best decor items with positivity and creative message. You can keep more positivity by putting decorative items beside the board to enhance the aura.

20. High Ceilings

High Ceilings

The height of the ceiling should be good. The bricks you will use must cover the surface at a greater height. This may have been done previously. Or often, people ignore the high ceilings point. Add some twist by installing the TV in the empty area. Add a wooden mantel beside it if you want to give it a more furnished look. Keep the other decor items in the wooden mantel to provide a modern texture on the wall. Consider changing the height of the ceilings first.

21. Drama Style

Drama Style

Do you love inviting your friends to your home? You can add a beautiful landscape to the wall. With that make different color paint to the wall. Create a dramatic style texture to the wall above the fireplace through painting, photos, or any other art forms. This brings excitement and spreads happiness in every people. This DIY technique develops a new hope for the home’s decor and makes the home more beautiful.

22. Modern Designs

Modern Designs

First, take the red bricks to bring a modern over traditional look. It is the most suitable one for some extra-ordinary yet budget-friendly look. The modern look includes providing the bright sun rays with natural light. The white ceiling and the wooden mantle bring more charm to the place. The space looks even bigger. There is a calmness in the whole place. Red bricks are the main element to make the modern look in the area.

23. Gas Fireplace

Gas Fireplace

First of all, you need to clean your whole place first. After proper cleaning, you will know the original look of the area. As two different materials are present, paint them with the same color and blend them. A white brick hearth and a shiplap look modern after the proper blending. The decor item in the light wooden mantel brings a natural color and spreads the simple line of the box.

24. Limewashing the Area

Limewashing the Area

Often people want to renovate the living area due to old bricks. Limewashing is the best technique that can be used to brighten and update the brick fireplace. Limewashing is best if you are looking for a low-cost and fast technique. It provides the best visual impact on the place. The key point is it updates the old bricks/outdated material used. There may be chances that your house may have old designs. But limewashing fits in every design and gives a visually appealing look.

25. Stained Wood Mantel

Stained Wood Mantel

This is the plus point if you already have a white paint texture on the wall. The white color provides a minimalist visual look to the whole room. If you don’t want to provide white all around, give a mixed texture to the wall. You can give a warming natural color to the wooden mantel. But make sure that you add a wood conditioner to the mantel using the help of a brush. It is one of the last longing materials and DIY processes people prefer in their homes. A variety of wooden materials can be used in the home.


There are various ways to makeover a brick fireplace. You can choose either DIY or hiring people from outside. Some methods include painting the walls, putting decorative items, going for a limewash, and adding a wood mantel. Choosing the methods depends upon the budget of the individual.

There may be ample DIY brick fireplace makeover ideas. You can choose to polish the bricks with white color. If you are an artist, you can paint the wall giving an artistic effect. As a nature lover, bring the best plants and put them on the wooden mantle. But choosing the materials depends upon the individual’s budget.

Isn’t the DIY brick fireplace providing the choice to show your creativity? Are you excited to make your area more beautiful? Comment on the idea you liked the most and going to implement in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Budget-Friendly DIY Brick Fireplace Makeover Ideas?

Yes, there are budget-friendly DIY Brick fireplace ideas. The cheapest ideas include painting the wall. This will bring a new ambiance to the room. Also, adding a mantel can help to put the decor items on it. Adding a white wall can give a unique modern texture to the living room.

Can I Shiplap Over a Brick Fireplace?

Yes, shiplap is one of the best transformations. They help to brighten the room by using different paints and shelves. Adding the shiplap brings a final touch by making it look nice and finished. Shiplap can be perfectly safe if installed with the correct safety codes.

Can I Use Normal Bricks Instead of Fire Bricks Over the Fireplace?

No, normal or concrete bricks cannot stand high temperatures. While there is a high temperature, there is a chance that the bricks will get crumble. So it is advisable to use fire bricks. A fire brick comprises refractory ceramic materials that capture resistant heat.

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