When it comes to transforming the ambiance of the room, certain major things should be taken care of, like the color of the walls, the standing vase, wall hangings, and so on. But what is neglected is a single piece of rug that can transform the whole vibe of a room from nothing to the most stylish.

Choosing the right rug can give the room a sense of personality and warmth. Now, buying a rug outside your jam-packed schedule could be hard. Instead, go along the mentioned online rug stores, which are filled with thousands of rug designs differing in size, material, texture, origin, etc.

These online rug stores have certified products with a return policy to ensure you find your best piece. With just a few clicks on your screen, your chosen rug will be delivered to your doorstep, instantly transforming the room into a heavenly place.

1. All-Rounder Amazon

All-Rounder Amazon

With the endless availability of rugs, Amazon rules over the rug stores market because of its excellence. From top brands like nuLoom, Safavieh, and unique loom to local artisans with affordable ranges, rugs are available in such big chunks of varieties that cannot be counted on fingers.

With Amazon’s sorting feature, find your best in chenille, cotton, jute or silk, etc., and that too with specifications like fade-resistant, flame-resistant, non-slippery, washable waterproof, or multiple piece range, etc.


  • Fast and free shipping in 2 days, i.e., for Prime-eligible items
  • Available with the free return policy

Why Not

  • Amazon’s inventory may vary in different areas depending on your location

2. The Home Depot

The Home Depot

Along with supplying construction materials, the home depot also holds up on your demands for rugs.

With the most adaptable budget range, these rugs give the room a sense of prestige. What could be the better deal at less than $150 for 8*10 area broad rugs or just $40 for a runner?

From practical rugs to runners, outdoor rugs to area rugs, Home Depot is among the rug stores that maintain quality over quantities.

Quality is a big concern for all buyers, especially in online rug stores but with The Home Depot, you get well-tested rugs in terms of durability and washing specifications. Designs like Shop Shag, Moroccan, cowhide, jute, and braided rugs with different colors and textures are among the best in collections.


  • Free shipping within two days
  • Easy return policy within 90 days

Why Not

  • Limited collections in popular designer’s product

3. Ruggable


The power pointer for Ruggable online rug stores is because it collects unique washable rugs. It is much easier when a two-way cleaning system is available- a washing machine and a dryer.

This store, among other rug stores, stands out because it collects multiple sizes, textures, and designs with child-friendly or pet-friendly specifications.

The best part of this store is that they provide a standard or cushioned rug pad with velcros to hold the rug in one place. They provide ease in walking, sitting, and standing.

Another best part about this store is that once you use the Ruggable system, you just need to change the rug covers for different looks rather than changing the new heavy rugs.

With Ruggable, you can get Sample Testing to find your perfect piece of rug. Order your favorites in size with cushion pad samples for just $15.


  • Free Shipping available
  • The sample covers with rug pads are available
  • Machine wash and dry wash available

Why Not

  • $25 processing fee on all items.
  • Thinner in quality than other rugs

4. RugsUSA


Most rug stores have limited collections of rugs in terms of design and sizes available. But not with RugsUSA. This store specializes in swallowing the endless demands of the customers.

These rug stores have something to cater to every style preference. While choosing the best among Moroccan, bohemian, outdoor, or farmhouse rugs, don’t forget to go for washable rugs that are children and pet safe.

They deliver to your doorstep free of cost, and this feature is crucial as you are already spending big bucks on buying expensive rugs. Our word on this? Ruggable must be your go-to online rug store for sure.


  • Free shipping on all orders in just two days
  • Heavy discounts available
  • Wide range with reasonable pricing

Why Not

  • Returns available with the shipping fee

5. Wayfair


With the rise of multiple online rug stores, finding the best one has been tricky. But with Wayfair, you can get all sorts of rugs on a single screen at a versatile price range.

Be it a masterpiece of the living room or regular indoor outdoor runners to be cleaned with a garden hose, the Wayfair gives the best in both. The best-sellers are ‘traditional jute rugs’ or ‘woolen square rugs,’ which symbolize perfectionism with uniqueness.

These rug stores also greet their customers with FREE Shipping on orders above $35 and 30 days Return Policy to ensure the quality of the rugs.


  • Free shipping on orders above $35
  • 30 days return policy
  • Wide range of products available

Why Not

  • Returning includes a shipping fee

6. Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel

Such online rug stores provide a wide array of options allowing you to browse through countless designs that suit your taste. Crate and Barrel excel in understanding the regular demands of the people. They offer durable rugs that fit well in every corner of the house.

Their organization of rugs into different columns is an excellent initiative to save time. The Laval group holds rugs with sizes ranging from 6’*9’ to 10’*14’.

For choosing a bedroom rug that imparts royalty in itself, choose the handwoven rugs with silky, fluffy textures made by the artisans of India.


  • Sample rugs available
  • Modern and contemporary designs

Why Not

  • Paid shipping available

7. Rugs Direct

Rugs Direct

From seeking the simple cotton rug for daily use or the Persian print to add the element to your home, these rug stores offer an unparalleled shopping experience at your fingertip.

This online store boasts extensive rugs, ranging from traditional to modern designs, with a user-friendly interface and detailed product descriptions.

These rug stores offer a wide range of branded rugs like Surya, Loloi, Jaipur Living, and more. Also, Rugs Direct offers sample rugs to satisfy your insecurities but offers credits for smaller ones only when you’d buy a larger rug.

Rugs Direct stands out along with the rugs. It also provides suggestions for home decor like cushion sets, pillows, wall hanging, throw blankets, etc.


  • Free shipping
  • 30 days Return Policy
  • Sample rugs available

Why Not

  • No free return shipping
  • $8 fee for handling

8. Rugs.Com


Talking of benefits? Well, Rugs.com has you all covered. First, among all other online rug stores, this place offers free shipping with very lenient return policies. We understand that spending big bucks online can be troublesome for many, but their return policies ensure your trust in many ways.

They also have limited-period lightning discount offers on their homepage offering upto 75% discount on MSRPs, which is pretty huge in itself. Their Monte Carlo Area Rug is exemplary as it is made of durable polypropylene fibers in Turkey and stands out in its range in terms of quality, distressed motifs, creative shapes like rectangles, circles, triangles, etc., and ten vibrant colors.


  • Free Shipping
  • Easy Return Window
  • 10% discount on two or more rugs

Why Not

  • Some rugs may be of inferior quality
  • No transparency in rugs origin or factory certifications

9. Beni Rugs

Beni Rugs

Embrace your living rooms with these rug stores to bring chicness to your house. Beni Rugs is known for its vast assortments of the most classic rugs in different sizes and patterns, fitting into everyone’s choice and pockets.

This place is exclusively for those preferring quality over quantity. Hailing from Morocco with intricate hand-woven designs, particularly to the love and likes of Athena Calderone and Colin King, Beni Rugs open its doors to those ready to spend big bucks to bag in the best quality rugs. Their Rothko Modern Art rugs have our hearts on fire.

Another plus point, general rug stores seldom do not deliver customized rugs, but this is not the case with Beni Rugs. With these sumptuous benefits follows a drawback. Since these rugs are custom-made, they are for final sale. That is no return policy. So, if you are even a teeny bit unsure, then Beni Rugs is not for you at all.


  • 12-16 weeks shipping time post-custom ordering
  • Complimentary Shipping
  • Reasonable rate for premium quality rugs

Why Not

  • All orders are final
  • No return policy

10. Urban Outfitters

Beni Rugs

These rug stores offer retailing of some most exquisite rug designs. Ranging from abstract art to bold colors, they have printed, shag, indoor and outdoor rugs that are capable of turning any room into heaven.

The best feature they have is the recycled rug-making process. Urban Outfitters knows well to stand out among other rug stores and be more eco-friendly by recycling old rugs into new ones, and that too with style.


  • Rugs made from recycled and sustainable materials
  • Unique designs

Why Not

  • Shipping charges on large rugs
  • Return policy with a 15% restocking fee

11. Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia

Just like the name, this online store is the epitome of urban fashion. These rug stores provide a great line of rich and classic rugs which could transform any ambiance into a luxurious one.

Recommended by eminent designers like Sarah Sherman and Jake Arnold, these rug stores also have an amazing collection of vintage rugs.

When it comes to quality, Lulu and Georgia give out their best. With hand-dyed shaggy wool and low-key geometric designs, such rugs call for their praisings.

Another plus point of shopping with this store is their free return shipping policy.


  • Free returns available
  • Wide range of designer and vintage rugs

Why Not

  • A bit more expensive
  • Limited information regarding the manufacturing factory and origin

12. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

Phoebe from friends must not have liked it, but you’d surely. This rug stores retail handwoven and Persian-style woolen rugs that just look majestic. Made with polyester fibers, and many other materials and weaving styles, these rugs are compact and easy to clean.

A recommendation is to buy Capitola Hand Tufted Wool Rug, which comes in three natural shades and is made by skilled weavers from India.

Enjoy your rug swatch just at $25, as these rug stores make it available only on selected rugs. Pottery Barn stands out in making custom rugs as per your dimensions and has ready-to-take rug mats as well. Smaller rugs can be shipped by ground delivery, but for oversized rugs, you have to loosen your wallet a bit, for White Glove Delivery ships them.


  • Nicely styled rugs
  • Few Eco-friendly options are available

Why Not

  • Prices can hit peaks.

13. World Market

World Market

Wondering to bag in rugs from different corners of the world without having to travel a lot? If such is the case, World Market is your right pick. They have it all, from variants to varieties, styles to selections, natural to next level, and origin to orientation. Magical patterns, or even solid colors, anything you wish for is on their shelves. Their Persian and flat woven Kilim rugs are the eye soothers to interior decorators or anyone with a taste. And if you are a newbie, then the BEST-SELLERS section is just for you.

Speaking of quality, the best part about them is they have it all inked in their tags. You must have a vision to look through, for they have it all mentioned, from the composition of the rug to the place from where it hails or even the price breakdown. It is all listed down there. Like for example, their World Market Ivory Diamond Tufted Wool Kelsey Area Rug is 95% wool and 5% artificial fibers.


  • Specializes in ethnic and artisan rugs from all around the globe.
  • Have an offline (window-shopping) presence as well.

Why Not

  • No Free Shipping is available.
  • Surplus charges are applicable on oversized rugs.

14. Revival Rugs

Revival Rugs

Got a thing for vintage-themed architecture and interiors? If yes, then this, among all other rug stores, is just for you. From India to Morocco and Turkey to Tunisia, they shelf in all the best quality vintage rugs with apt and gentle care. Their rugs date back more than a hundred years, handcrafted and applied with different weaving methods. Among every other rug store we have listed, this is our go-to website and will work well with you too.

Vintage rugs aging from 20 to 100 years of manufacture and are gently curated by Revival Rugs’ workforce for sale in Morocco, Casablanca, and Turkey. After a thorough inspection, quality care, and approval, they are clicked in the highest possible resolution and are put forward for sale on websites. Their Yasutomos, the unique and premium rug, is loved by all.

Need our word on this? Go for Hart Jute Rug, which is affordable, available in many sizes, and stylish without a doubt. To ensure its perfect quality, Revival Rugs partners with a small weaving house operated by third-generation craftsmen, and they deliver the best indeed.


  • They offer a return and refund policy.
  • Free Shipping on all rug orders.
  • Complimentary design assistance for choosing the right rug.

Why Not

  • Cash refunds incur a $20 restocking fee.
  • Only a 7-day return window

15. Rifle Paper Co

Rifle Paper Co

When buying rugs online, Rifle Paper Co might not be the first online rug store that clicks your mind, but they sure would cover all your needs. Rifle Paper.Co offers a wide variety of home goods, including premium quality rugs and carpets. These rugs are popularly curated based on their dominancy in designs and based on collaboration with high-end designers. From bold to geometric, from subtle to solid, one can bag in as many varieties as per need. Outdoor rugs like Monestra Cream selections ensure an aristocratic appearance indoors and outdoors, like a patio or pergola.

They offer profound power-loomed rugs and handcrafted collections as well. Hand-tufted wool rugs are their core specialty. Affordability and exclusiveness are both well-cornered at Rifle Paper Co. They indeed are included among the bests when we talk of online rug stores.


  • Options for power-loomed and woolen hand-tufted rugs.
  • Vibrant designs.

Why Not

  • No free shipping is applicable.

16. Macy’s


Talking of rug stores, one place that you can never miss is Macy’s. Yes, the popular aged brand never fails to deliver what it promises. They feature top-notch brands like Safavieh, Surya, Loloi, KM Home, etc. They have wide varieties stocked in, from boho to farmhouse, from contemporary to mid-century. They have covered it all. These rugs are available in small to oversized sizes, with their prices ranging from minimal to thousands.

Our eyes are constantly stuck on their Palmetto Living Cotton Tail Retro Slide Area Rug, and we believe that it will add an extra pinch of richness to your abode. The best part is they don’t charge extra for oversized products at all.

Macy’s offers both in-store and online shopping portals for your convenience. However, one drawback is that they don’t provide trial products. So, it is all up to you to dig deep into the product descriptions and pick out the best for yourself.


  • An array of selections
  • Both in-store and online presence
  • Free Shipping on a selected range
  • 30 days Return Policy

Why Not

  • Shipping time is not consistent
  • No rugs samples are available

17. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond

Looking for those big, bold SALE banners? Well, there are rug stores that offer you plenty, but Overstock stands out in many ways. For starters, they stock premium to moderate quality styles of rugs to suit every taste of customers. Secondly, from large area rugs to outdoor rugs, machine washable rugs, stair treads, rug pads, and handmade rugs, they offer a lot more. From premium luxury brands like Safavieh or Artistic Weavers and Alexander Home, they shelf in traditional rugs from local retailers as well.

From shag to flat weaves, these rugs available at Overstock might not be exclusive and are available at other retailers as well. Still, their sale selections offer a price that is reasonable and hard to compete with.


  • Free shipping in the contiguous U.S
  • Affordable price

Why Not

  • Styles are not exclusive

Final Words

Without practice, words are nothing. Therefore, our careful curators experiment with the best rugs, explore them, and then pass on their final verdict. Based on these very diligent decisions, we curate the best online rug stores for you. Each of these recommendations is handpicked and explored very carefully.

We know that buying rugs online can be a little confusing for you but rest assured, these rug stores are certified and cross-checked, providing an assurance of quality with basic features like return policies and shipping methods to help you in any and every possible manner.

Visit these sites, wishlist, or directly head to check out, for these websites have our green light, and we certainly hope they don’t disappoint you at all.

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