Is a Solar Pump a Better Option than the WaterBuck Pump?

If, in general, you want to go off-grid to reduce your carbon footprint and electric bill, and don’t want to pump your water by hand or can’t, then a solar pump system is your best option. However, if you’re going off-grid to be prepared because of the uncertain days we […]

Emergency Water Checklist 2

Do you need a high-performance, commercial-grade manual well pump for your home or business? Are you considering going off-grid?  Do you have a water backup system that is not easily affected by storms, electronic failure and fuel or parts shortages? Can you repair it yourself or does it require skilled […]

Reaching Developing Countries

The WaterBuck Pump is attracting attention in developing countries! TecnoConect, a nonprofit agency, created a terrific online profile about the pump. TecnoConect is a free resource designed to capture and disseminate the inventions and innovations being created and implemented around the world to serve vulnerable populations. The WaterBuck is listed […]