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Mega Hand Water Pump

During times of emergencies, when the well pump fails because of a power outage, people still need access to water. Some people may need just a few gallons of fresh water to get by. An inexpensive well bucket is a good alternative for retrieving water (from any depth) during a […]

Hand Water Pump Yields 2 Gallons of Water Per Stroke 2

We recently installed our first community Waterbuck Pump with exciting results. This pump for a northern California community yields an incredible 2 gallons of water per stroke.    Also, if needed for an emergency (like a fire), 54 – 56 gallons per minute can be pumped.   We fitted the pump with […]

Solar Powered WaterBuck Pump

Some customers asked us to make the pump an even better backup water supply system.  “Add a solar powered option with the WaterBuck Pump,” they said.  So we did, we put a motor on it. We are now testing the first solar powered pump jack for the WaterBuck. Stay tuned […]

Hand Pumps and WaterBuck in Capper’s Farmer

Well WaterBoy Products and the WaterBuck Pump are in the Summer 2015 issue of Capper’s Farmer magazine that hit newsstands today. It’s an honor to be featured in a publication that for more than 100 years has been giving practical advice for the homestead life. Besides the DIY plans for garden […]

Busy WaterBuck Weekend at the Mother Earth News Fair

Darren and Reba are having an exciting time at the Topeka Mother Earth News Fair weekend, which goes on until 5 p.m. today, by the way. Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood, or Kansas, or the Midwest. The Fair is being held at the Kansas Expocentre in downtown Topeka. They […]

Emergency Water Checklist 2

Do you need a high-performance, commercial-grade manual well pump for your home or business? Are you considering going off-grid?  Do you have a water backup system that is not easily affected by storms, electronic failure and fuel or parts shortages? Can you repair it yourself or does it require skilled […]

Grandma is Born of Graphite

Ten days ago, Darren came up with a crafty idea for illustrating the challenges of using a typical deep-well hand pump. Because “a picture is worth a thousand words,” he decided we should start a comic strip. I’ve done my share of doodling on greeting card envelopes through the years, […]

WaterBuck vs. Solar Pumps 1

  WaterBuck Pump Advantages Solar Pump Advantages Clean and green Clean and green Long-lasting (industrial-grade mechanical parts) Solar panel life of 20 years possible Easy to operate Unattended operation No fuel costs No fuel costs Low maintenance Low maintenance (in good weather) A few minutes of pumping time needed for […]

October tomatoes

Wild Game and Homegrown Food Kept Us Healthy

Hunting and gathering wild food was such a part of my childhood it seemed natural to bring a bag of my mom’s frozen rabbits and squirrels on a plane from Green Bay to San Diego as a young sailor many moons ago. Both of my parents hunted, but my mom […]