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WaterBuck Pump Advantages

Solar Pump Advantages

Clean and green Clean and green
Long-lasting (industrial-grade mechanical parts) Solar panel life of 20 years possible
Easy to operate Unattended operation
No fuel costs No fuel costs
Low maintenance Low maintenance (in good weather)
A few minutes of pumping time needed for large households A few minutes of pumping time needed for large household (with high flow system)
High volume any time of day Works well in peak sunlight
Ability to pump from deep wells uphill Ability to pump from deep wells uphill (with high watt systems)
Irrigation capacity up to 100 gpm (maximum gpm is at peak human performance) Irrigation capacity (with higher watt systems)
Greater lift and capacity than a 12′ diameter windmills Greater lift and capacity than a 12′ diameter windmills (with higher watt systems)
Moderate capital cost
Water storage unnecessary
No additional components needed to pressurize a tank for indoor plumbing
Inconspicuous (paint any color)
Low tech
Able to be enclosed in a protective structure
Health benefits — endurance, strength and flexibility

WaterBuck Pump Disadvantages

Solar Pump Disadvantages

Installation requires mechanical skills Installation requires mechanical and technical skills
Snow and ice removal if not enclosed Snow, ice and storm maintenance
Leather seals must be replaced when worn Complex electronics require skilled repair technicians
Human operation required Potentially costly repairs
High initial capital costs


Additional components needed for pressurizing and energy storage
Solar panels subject to theft (high theft item)
  Potentially disabled by hail, lightning or wind storms
Not EMP-proof
System must be monitored
Several hours of pumping time needed for large households (with low flow systems)
Lower output in cloudy weather and seasonal changes
Water storage required (potential for bacterial growth in stored water)
Specific site conditions required (no shade)

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