Pedal Powered PTO

Well WaterBoy Products now offers the original and innovative Pedal Powered PTO™.  A heavy-duty human-powered machine for off -grid living. The machine that has several points of transmission for easy setup.

The unique PTO is essentially a work station where multiple devices can be set up around it. Then, depending on the output load and the operator’s strength, one or more devices can operate at the same time. For instance, the PTO can grind grain while charging batteries.

Many devices that use a shaft and pulley or sprocket (a grinder, washing machine, water pump, alternator, air compressor, thresher, grindstone, drill, saw, sander, etc.) can be adapted to the PTO. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Pedal Powered PTO

The PTO can be a lifesaver during disasters. For example, a severe storm (wind, ice, rain, lightning) rolls in and knocks out the power grid and your own solar/wind energy system. Set up with a small charging system, the PTO can maintain a small deep-cycle battery to operate low-watt 12-volt lights and emergency radios, and charge batteries for other devices (cell phones, flashlights, etc.). Or, with a belt-driven pump, the PTO can remove floodwater from the basement.

Inexperienced riders can maintain a small charging system for emergency use such as pictured above. Less effort is required to charge a small deep-cycle battery to operate low-watt 12-volt lights, charge flashlights, cell phones or radios. Pedaling just a few minutes a day will charge a small battery. The greater the load, the longer the charging time. Physically fit, experienced riders can generate more watts, thus powering devices requiring greater loads.

Pedal Powered PTOExperienced riders, especially groups of strong riders, are able to charge larger batteries such as pictured right with two 6-volt, deep-cycle batteries wired in series for 12 volts: The Pedal-Powered PTO is also designed and built to be handed down for generations.



Because of the PTOs mechanical advantage, the unit can operate a low-RPM alternator to generate electricity, making it useful for inexperienced riders and allowing experienced riders to put in more time.

PTO bannerThe Heavy duty PTO has a 20″ flywheel for inertia, 1″ keyed shaft with bearings, 2 sprockets for 3-1 mechanical advantage, chain and guard – the same size chain for motorcycles. Weight: 143 lbs.

To get you started with the possibilities of your Pedal Powered PTO, it comes with a 6″ belt pulley that can be used for a grain grinder.

The PTO comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Price: $1,295.00 plus shipping

What would you do with your new PTO? Please contact us for your order today.

Pedal Powered PTO™