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Around here, we believe in doing our part for the planet by recycling, up-cycling and re-purposing. Working by daylight on an antique treadle sewing machine, we’re turning discarded clothing into tough, practical products for your home. All of our Jeans OVERhauled™ items are unique, machine washable, and — like all Well WaterBoy Products — are made right here in Missouri to last for many years of everyday use. Now with FREE shipping.


Granny’s Clothespin Bag — $25 each with free shipping within U.S.

Granny's Clothespin Bags

Granny’s Clothespin Bag — $25 with free shipping

Granny's Clothespin Bag

Granny’s Clothespin Bag — $25 with free shipping

 Old-Time Patchwork Potholders — $11 per pair with free shipping within U.S.

Red, green, orange potholdersPatchwork Potholders Set of Two — $11 with free shipping

 Triple-Pocket Apron — $21 each with free shipping within U.S.

Wild assortment of colors in sturdy denim and cotton
Triple-Pocket Denim Aprons $24 each with free shipping

 Patchwork Place Mats — $16 each with free shipping within U.S.

quilted placematPatchwork Placemats (set of two) — $16 with free shipping

Pocket Meal Prep — $16 each with free shipping within U.S.

colorful pocket prepsPocket Meal Prep Placemat — $16 each with free shipping

khaki pocket prepPocket Meal Prep Placemat with utensils — $18 with free shipping

Super-Tuff Firewood Carrier — $22 each with free shipping within U.S.

tan firewood carrierSuper-Tuff Firewood Carrier — $22 with free shipping

Hot Mini-Mitts — $8 per pair with free shipping within U.S.

Mini MittsHot Mini-Mitts Set of Two — $8 with free shipping

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Please contact us at for multiple orders or to specify color or style.  Most orders ship within one business day after payment is received.  Special orders usually ready to ship within one week.

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