Water Well Sand Point Pump Accessories

Water well sand points installed with a pitcher pump can provide water without electricity from a shallow well of 25’ or less with a yield up to 3 GPM.  It’s an inexpensive alternative for getting water for the family during a short-term emergency. There’s no need to go to the expense of drilling a well. Sand points also known as “Drive Well Points” are driven (with a steel post driver) into the soil, until water table has been penetrated 5’ to 10’ and then a pitcher pump is installed. Installation Instructions for Drive Well Points.  Also please see this informative document by Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources to learn more about installing and using sand point wells.


Sand Points

drive_well_pointAll sand points include free shipping and have stainless steel jacket and gauze. Select appropriate size and point for additional information or to order.

Starting at $59 with free shipping 1 1/4″ Sand Points 

Starting at $84 with free shipping 2″ Sand Points  



Sand Point and Pitcher Pump Kit

Sand Point Pump KitDriven well point pump kits include free shipping. Select pump kit for additional information or to order.

$228 – Sand Point and Pitcher Pump Kit 

If you would like a high-volume hand water pump, please see The Ultimate Hand Water Pump.




Heavy Duty Pitcher Pump

Heavy Duty Pitcher Pump

Heavy duty pitcher pumps from Merrill Manufacturing include free shipping. Select item for additional information or to order.

$ 98 – Heavy Duty Pitcher Pump 





Drive Caps & Couplings


Drive couplings and caps include free shipping. Select appropriate product for additional information or to order.

 1 1/4″ & 2″ Drive Caps

1 1/4 & 2″ Drive Couplings 



Cup & Valve Leathers – Coming Soon!


Cup and valve leathersCup & Valve Leathers