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The ULTIMATE  HAND WATER PUMP for Your Homestead

An incredible easy to use human-powered machine


UPDATE: This pump in northern California yields an incredible 2 gallons of water per stroke. Also, if needed for an emergency (like a fire), 54 – 56 gallons per minute can be pumped. We fitted the pump with a 6” diameter cylinder and 4” drop pipe, an unheard of application for a deep-well hand water pump.

The WaterBuck Pump (aptly named for a water-loving African antelope) has the ability, power and capacity of electric water pumps, yielding as much as 188 gallons in one minute – and pressurizing a tank for indoor plumbing and fire extinguishing. No other hand water pump has this capability.

The WaterBuck Pump head is constructed of industrial-grade mechanics and components, which assures durability and long life under human operations. The down-hole pump system is the same proven system that is used under and withstands the force and continual operation of large-diameter water pumping windmills.

The WaterBuck’s unique design makes an efficient use of human weight, shape, motion and strength, thereby yielding more water easier. It is much more than a hand pump; it’s a non-electric water supply system for homesteads, farms, off-grid living and rural communities here and in developing countries and is the ideal hand water pump for short- or long-term emergencies,

Hand Water Pump 22 gpmIf you cannot find the volume of water when needed on your property and with the traditional style hand pumps for sustainability, you should consider a WaterBuck Pump. It’s unlike any conventional well hand pump known to date. Amazingly, it can be customized with two pump levers and twin cylinders for the ability of 2 operators yielding as much as 188 gallons (27 cycles) a minute at peak performance from a high yield water source, if needed for communities, irrigation and fire. Also, there’s room for 4 operators for easier and continuous operation. The WaterBuck can also be set up with different sizes of cylinders, one larger cylinder for the ability of two operators (for irrigation) and a smaller one for the ability of most anyone.

The WaterBuck pump operates the same windmill pump cylinders successfully used by the windmill industry with cylinders sizes from 1 3/8” to 8” – with up to 3.48 gallons per stroke. For more volume, it can also be equipped with two pump levers and twin cylinders that are designed for the ability of two operators per cylinder, yielding four times the capacity of one operator at any depth within the limits of the WaterBuck. We anticipate reaching static depths of more than 700’. Weight: 425 to 700 pounds.

The machine has an adjustable pump lever in 6” increments ranging from 4′ to 5′. The machine has a 52″ pump handle to accommodate two users. For deeper well applications, the machine has a counterweight system to offset the weight of the sucker rod. Counterweights may be used with the pump handle to improve efficiency.  WaterBuck Performance Chart


Which is the right hand pump for a community?

WaterBuck vs. Traditional Community Hand Pumps

Application: a shallow well with a 20’ static water level under average operation.

Traditional Hand Pump Yield: 3 gpm, 180 gallons an hour x 12 hours = 2,160 gallons.

Dual WaterBuck Pump Yield: 94 gpm, 5640 gallons an hour x 12 hours = 67,680 gallons


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Exceeding Windmill Capacities

windmill capacities

The charts established for the windmill industry – capacity, depth, size of cylinder and size of windmill are pictured at left.

Our current model has a 16” stroke, operates a 4” windmill pump cylinder, and is set over a well with an 80’ static water level, 2” drop pipe, 3/4” sucker rod, yielding 0.87 gallons per stroke. One young man yielded 22 gallons in one minute on his first attempt and a grandmother easily pumped 7 gpm.

According to the flow rate chart, at peak performance a 12′ windmill can pump 13.8 gallons in one minute with a 4” cylinder with 80 feet of head. These flow rates are ideal conditions. With the WaterBuck Pump, just ONE young man easily exceeded the theoretical flow rate of a 12’ windmill by nearly 60 percent.

The effort required to pump water from a static water level of 80′ with a 4″ cylinder can be as little as 30 pounds of pressure. That’s 15 pounds per arm when pulling or pushing the lever down. The use of body weight in motion with the arms makes the 30 pounds seem effortless.  Shallower static water levels with the same size cylinder will require less effort.

If you are a homeowner with your own private well and think you may never need a non-electric high-performance hand water pump, please consider the following.  Assess Your Long-Term Water Needs Now


Video Demonstration

Here is a video demonstration of a young man yielding 22 GPM on his first attempt.

“Considering how important the commodity produced by the WaterBuck Pump is to sustaining life on this planet, you have created a very powerful piece of equipment.” — Kresten Jensen, III, general manager of Cook Pump Company


Testing the solar pump jack with the WaterBuck Pump. 5+ GPM with 80′ of head pressure.

Other videos of operators of different age groups can be viewed here. WaterBuck Videos


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