Water the old-fashioned way without electricity

If you have a water well and the power goes out for an extended period, you still can get to your water the old-fashioned way – simply and inexpensively – with a well bucket.woman at a well Long before the age of electricity, people fetched water by hand with a simple rope and bucket.  To make it easier, some used a pulley or windlass with a hand wheel.

wheel axle windlassToday, with fuel and electricity costs soaring, more frequent natural and manmade disasters and because of the uncertain days we live in, well buckets are popular again. Many people are preparing now so they can get water from their well without electricity.

WaterBoy Windlass Hoist

Well WaterBoy Products not only designed and makes the most powerful high-volume, manual deep-well pump known to date, we also crafted and build modern well buckets and windlass hoists.  With the WaterBoy well bucket and optional windlass hoist, you can easily access your well water during long-term emergencies. Since 2011, we have sold our dependable well buckets with 100-percent customer satisfaction all across the United States.

Can you get to your well water without electricity?

Please see our product page to learn how to measure your well and watch a video to see how to use a well bucket by hand or with a windlass.

The WaterBuck Pump

If you need a lot of water for the family and farm, please see our high-capacity human powered well pump.