WaterBuck Pump

A high-performance shallow- and deep-well manual well pump that sets a new standard for hand water pumps. Our pump greatly exceeded anyone’s expectations, making Well WaterBoy Products the new leader in capacity and performance in the water well hand pump sector.

UPDATE: This pump in northern California yields an incredible 2 gallons of water per stroke. Also, if needed for an emergency (like a fire), 54 – 56 gallons per minute can be pumped. We fitted the pump with a 6” diameter cylinder and 4” drop pipe, an unheard of application for a deep-well hand water pump.

Well WaterBoy Products set a demanding goal to design and develop a better manual deep well pump.  Our efforts produced a compact mechanical well pump so strong and efficient, it is unlike any conventional well hand pump known to date. The WaterBuck Pump (aptly named for a water-loving African antelope) has the ability, power and capacity of electric water pumps. No other hand water pump has the capability of the WaterBuck Pump.


Hand Water Pump 22 gpm

Click image to see a 22-year-old man hand pump 22 gallons in 1 minute.

We are getting incredible flow ratings from the WaterBuck Pump. Most recently, a physically fit 22-year-old man pumped 22 gallons in 1 minute on his first attempt. This is 60 percent more water than a 12-foot diameter windmill can pump at peak performance in 1 minute at the same application (80-foot static water level and 4-inch cylinder).

Even though the current model is designed for two operators, an average man in his 50s can get 17.5 gallons in a 60-second sprint from a static water level of 80 feet.  This is 25% more water than a 12’ windmill can produce in 1 minute at peak performance with the same static water level and same size cylinder. The same operator filled a 55-gallon barrel non-stop in 6 minutes, 45 seconds. These test results are minimal compared to what can be done with this machine with 2 to 4 operators. Current pump specifications are 4” cylinder, 3/4″ sucker rod, 16” stroke with 0.87 gallons per stroke. More than 5 gallons of water is delivered with only 6 strokes.

The machine’s design efficiently uses human shape, motion, weight and strength, which makes it easy to use, thereby yielding more water.   It is so simple and easy to use that a 64-year-old grandmother is breaking records with this deep-well hand pump. Click here to see for yourself. These current field test results are not produced from a shallow well, but are the yield from an 80’ static water level with a 2″ column of water and 4” windmill pump cylinder.


Our innovative hand pump machine operates the same reciprocating pump cylinders made for windmills, with cylinder sizes up to 8 inches.

With the non-electric shallow and deep well WaterBuck Pump and a pressure tank, anyone can have water in their home as they do with an electric water pump.

Our first model is made for one or two operators, has a capacity of more than 55 gallons a minute (at peak performance) under human power depending on static level, the size of cylinder and fitness of one operator. Capacity can be doubled and practical for large communities and irrigation from shallow wells with available manpower.

our gardenWe have been asked, “Why would you need so much water from a manual pump when you have an electric pump?” Good question!  The necessity for such a pump is vital for our own preservation and way of life in the country. Our only fresh water source is a deep well. When the power goes off, and if we did not have the WaterBuck, how would we function normally and still have enough water for our crops and animals, especially during droughts? A common shallow- or deep-well hand pump is not going to be adequate or practical. We have already experienced this firsthand.

article9Considering the challenging days we live in — frequent disasters, potential EMPs that can disable a power grid, rising energy costs, exploding population growth, rapid decline of freshwater, future high cost of water, dependence on the grid and fossil fuels to pump water  — a better way to access volumes of water is needed.

Alternative energy, such us solar and wind power, has proved to be effective for pumping water. However, the cost can be high and prohibitive depending on how much water is needed and the application. Also, its power is dependent on sunny daytime hours and wind and is not immune to electronic failure, storms and EMPs, etc.  With an issue as important as water and potable water, it is imperative to have a powerful water supply system that is not easily disabled. A better way is still needed.

millDecades before the electric pump was invented, a water pumping machine existed that supplied sufficient amounts of water for sustainability. Previously, inhabitable land was confined to places with a constant water supply. Here in the United States, it was impossible for vast areas to be settled without a life-giving supply of water. It was the introduction of a powerful water-pumping machine (the windmill), not the hand pump, that made it possible to pump sufficient amounts of water from beneath the ground. Soon, whole new areas of the country (with ample wind) were filled with settlers.

Even today, windmills are a good alternative for supplying vast amounts of water, but only if there is abundant wind.  Therefore, a newer non-electric pump, a new water pump invention (the WaterBuck Pump) is needed to fill the gap where hand pumps, windmills and alternative systems fall short.

A reconstruction of Roman water-lifting machinery in the Rotunda Garden outside the Museum of London © Copyright Oxyman

A reconstruction of Roman water-lifting machinery in the Rotunda Garden outside the Museum of London © Copyright Oxyman

Before the age of electricity, through the centuries, civilizations and empires were built by human ingenuity and human power. Massive water-lifting machines were constructed to supply enough water for societies.

Today, with all the problems listed above, human ingenuity can continue to serve humanity well with the best alternative energy — human power!

Because of the ingenuity, compact design, high-capacity and high-torque mechanics of the WaterBuck Pump, large water-lifting machines are no longer be needed to supply volumes of water under human power.  The Waterbuck Pump can meet the need without being easily disabled, without electricity of any kind, without sun or wind, and any time of the day and anywhere there is a water well.

At peak performance, 15-20 mile an hour winds, a 12’ windmill has the power to pump 2.5 gpm from 420’ and 55 gpm from 22’. Its maximum depth with a 4” cylinder is 86’ with a maximum of 13.8 gpm based on the mill set on the long stroke. Under human power of a fit man in his 20s, the WaterBuck Pump’s current performance from 80’ static with a 4” cylinder is 22 gpm. During the 60-second sprint, 11.3 gallons were yielded within 30 seconds. A man is his 50s filled a 55-gallon barrel non-stop in 6 minutes, 45 seconds.

A 64-year-old woman can pump 7 gpm, 2 young women 55 gallons in 5 minutes 42 seconds, and 2 young men pump 55 gallons in 3 minutes 42 seconds, all from the same application.

Additional test results revealed a pumping depth of 195’ with a 4″ brass windmill cylinder. These test results were performed by pumping water into a conventional pressure tank to 50 psi. These results indicate how far we can pump uphill, how much deeper we can pump from with the same size cylinder with 1 or 2 operators and how much deeper we can pump by reducing the size of the cylinder.

Water hand pump inventionBecause of the current proven ability of the WaterBuck Pump, we expect its peak performance under human power by one average man to exceed the peak performance of a 12’ windmill in depth and gpm.

The WaterBuck’s capacity can easily be doubled by being equipped with twin 4″, 6″ or 8”cylinders, and two pump levers opposite each other for irrigating a few acres of farmland.  With 2 people pumping in moderation, 1 to 2 at each pump lever, an enormous amount of water can be pumped quickly and easily for crops.

According to the flow rate chart, at peak performance a 12′ windmill can pump 13.5 gallons in one minute with a 4” cylinder with 80 feet of head. With the WaterBuck Pump a young man exceeded the flow rate by nearly 60%.

To see how it all began from prototype to our first model please click here. Other Deep Well Hand Pumps

windmill capacities

Can the WaterBuck be used with an existing submersible pump?

With the right conditions, size of pump cylinder and well casing, the WaterBuck Pump can work in tandem with existing submersible pumps.

The WaterBuck Pump can greatly benefit the self-reliant, developing countries, off-grid communities, rural communities, emergency shelters, large families, farms, ranches and campgrounds by providing them with their own non-electric water supply system.

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We have many videos of the pump in operation.  You can view them from our WaterBuck Video Page

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