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 Hand PumpWaterBuck Pump comparison of price and performance to solar and windmill
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Solar Pump System

The following general price is for a stand-alone solar-powered water pumping system for a 100-foot head up to 10 gallons per minute, with a quality solar submersible pump and solar panels.

System includes:  Pump, pump controller, solar panels, solar array mounting rack, float switch and on/off controller. Solar PV panel power rating is 690 watts.

Price $4,500

1 – 500 gallon food grade storage tank $400

Price with storage tank: $4,900

Not included:  Steel pole and concrete to support the solar array, drop pipe, water well safety rope and submersible electrical pump wire, installation, shipping and sales tax.

A solar pump system that provides pressure for indoor plumbing:   1 solar pump 1 booster pump, solar panels, charge controller, batteries, battery enclosure, plumbing, wiring, controls, hardware, accessories and pressure tank $8,000 to $10,000, plus installation.

12-foot Windmill Pump System

The following general price is for a quality 12′ windmill system that’s capable of operating a 4″ pump cylinder at an 80′ static. Maximum static depth on the long stroke is 86′. Maximum gallons per minute 13.8. Not designed for indoor water pressure without an overhead storage tank.

System includes: Complete 12-foot windmill — $6,500

Tower (minimum height 27′) — $3,850

1 – 4″ Brass reciprocating pump cylinder, 12″ stroke — $550

1 – 2” brass stuffing box with 3/4″ steel rod — $120

5 – fiberglass sucker rods with rod guides (21′ x 3/4″ ) — $450

1- sinker bar 31″  10 lbs  — $80

1- 500 gallon food grade storage tank $400

Price: $11,950

Not included: Tower anchors, pump pole, well seal or pump stand, 105′ x 2″ rigid drop pipe, 2″ couplings and tee, 20′ x 2″ PVC pipe extension, 2″ x 8″ cylinder strainer, concrete for anchor posts, installation, shipping and sales tax.

Name Brand Commercial Grade Deep Well Hand Pump

The following general price is for a quality commercial grade deep well hand pump that’s capable of operating a 3″ pump cylinder at an 80′ static. Maximum gallons per minute 3 with 60 strokes, operated by a strong hefty, fit, tall man.

Includes: Pump body with features and 3″ cylinder.

Not included: Sucker rod, metal drop pipe, sand screen, fittings, installation, shipping and sales tax.

Price: $4,000

WaterBuck Pump

The following sample price is for a quality, industrial grade WaterBuck Pump operating a 4″ pump cylinder with a static water level of 80′. Maximum depth for operating a 4″ pump cylinder is yet to be determined. Maximum gallons in one minute at 80′ static is also yet to be determined, but field tests so far by one young fit man yields 22 gallons in one minute with 25 strokes. The pump system can provide pressure for indoor plumbing.

4″ pump cylinder installed in a 6″ casing without an electric pump.

System includes:  WaterBuck Pump Head (not sold separately)

1 – customized 4″ windmill pump cylinder, 16″ stroke

1 – 2” brass stuffing box with 3/4” x 30” stainless steel rod (upper pump rod)

1 – 4″ x 36″ cylinder strainer

11 – galvanized sucker rods (10′ x 5/8″)

1 – stainless sinker bar

4 – 5/8 x 5 concrete anchors

12 – 2″ Galvanized HD pipe couplings

1 – 6″ well seal

1- 2″ tee

Price: $6,695

Not included 120′ of 2″ rigid galvanized drop pipe, concrete and rebar for a concrete pad at least 30 inches x 32 inches x 6 inches, installation,shipping. 

WaterBuck Pump



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