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Why Have A Well Bucket?

As if the threats of war, terrorism, economic collapse, natural and man-made catastrophes, plagues, solar flares and EMPs are not enough to consider, we now have a decline in fresh water — another critical thing to prepare for. As the national news continually warns us, water tables are dropping in many parts […]

Dual Power Ability Coming to the WaterBuck Pump 2

Because of the proven efficiency and capacity of the WaterBuck Pump under human power, Well WaterBoy Products is now working with a solar pump company to fit the WaterBuck with a lower-watt solar drive motor. Combining solar power will make the WaterBuck the most unique, efficient primary and manual backup water supply […]

Performance of the WaterBuck Pump

A few months ago, we at Well WaterBoy Products made some changes to our first WaterBuck Pump model. We installed a stronger sucker rod system adequate for the torque created by our pump – ¾” fiberglass rod.  We also redesigned the pump lever to increase torque for efficiency and installed […]

Grandma is Born of Graphite

Ten days ago, Darren came up with a crafty idea for illustrating the challenges of using a typical deep-well hand pump. Because “a picture is worth a thousand words,” he decided we should start a comic strip. I’ve done my share of doodling on greeting card envelopes through the years, […]

‘American Blackout’ Reveals Chronic Energy Addiction

Watching National Geographic’s “American Blackout” movie last night, it appears we are a bunch of numbskulls who can’t even open a can of peaches without electricity. We haven’t had television for years, but were able to watch the movie on YouTube. It made for a pleasant evening as I brought […]

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Blog Generates Nuclear Proponents’ Comments

Apparently I stuck my head in a hornets’ nest this week when I wrote on American Preppers Network about my concerns of radioactive rain since the Fukushima catastrophe. Within no time, comments were posted by two nuclear power advocates. “William Zenk” immediately pointed out my concern of radioactive rain is […]