Dual Power Ability Coming to the WaterBuck Pump 2

Hand Pump flowBecause of the proven efficiency and capacity of the WaterBuck Pump under human power, Well WaterBoy Products is now working with a solar pump company to fit the WaterBuck with a lower-watt solar drive motor.

Combining solar power will make the WaterBuck the most unique, efficient primary and manual backup water supply system anywhere.

“The crisis of our diminishing water resources is just as severe (if less obviously immediate) as any wartime crisis we have ever faced. Our survival is just as much at stake as it was at the time of Pearl Harbor, or the Argonne, or Gettysburg, or Saratoga.”

-Jim Wright, U.S. Representative, “The Coming Water Famine,” 1966

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2 thoughts on “Dual Power Ability Coming to the WaterBuck Pump

  • Carl Medina

    I would be very interested in a dual power waterbuck pump. Especially if you can make one that could pump from about 400feet static. Please let me know when one might be available and how much it may cost to purchase the device. 3 to 4gpm would be sufficient since I plan to pump into a cistern

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