WaterBuck Pump Performance Chart 1

WaterBuck hand water pump capacity chart

WaterBuck hand water pump capacity chart

  1. Peak gallons per minute (GPM) provided in this table are approximate based on actual field tests of the WaterBuck Pump operated by one fit man completing 27 cycles at maximum static depth of each cylinder. Two operators increase GPM and one operator yields more cycles per minute at lesser static depths.
  2. One man of average fitness in his 50s yields 3/4 the water and one woman of average fitness in her 60s yields 1/3 the amount of water.
  3. Two operators increase the total static depth by more than 1/3.
  4. The peak capacity can be doubled with a larger cylinder for the ability for two operators at any depth
  5. The peak capacity can be doubled with twin cylinders and two pump levers for two operators at any depth.
  6. The peak capacity can be quadrupled with two pump levers and twin cylinders that are designed with larger cylinders for the ability of two operators per cylinder, yet room for 3 operators per pump lever.
  7. A 12” stroke increases total static depth by 1/3 and reduces capacity by 25 percent.
  8. A 8” strokes increase total static depth by 1/2 and reduces capacity by 50 percent.

The WaterBuck can also be set up with different sizes of cylinders, one larger cylinder for the ability of two operators (for irrigation) and a smaller one for the ability of most anyone.

WaterBuck hand water pumpThe one lever pump machine has an adjustable pump lever in 6” increments ranging from 4′ to 5′. The machine has a 52″ pump handle to accommodate two users. For deep well applications, the machine has a counterweight system to offset the weight of the sucker rod. Counterweights may be used with the pump handle to improve efficiency.

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