The WaterBuck Pump and a Pressure Tank

With the non-electric shallow and deep well WaterBuck Pump and a pressure tank, anyone can have water in their home as they do with an electric water pump. Yes, our pump can pressurize indoor plumbing systems for household use and can be also used for irrigation.

We watered the garden easily with a hose and sprayer. We can also set up an automatic drip system for watering gardens and animals.

Update: At a static water level of 80′ with a 4″ cylinder,  the tank was pressurized to 50 psi. In addition to pumping from a deep well, the 50 psi created, is equivalent to a vertical lift of 115 feet from the surface.

A solar pump system that provides pressure for indoor plumbing requires  1 solar pump, 1 booster pump, solar panels, panel mounting rack , charge controller, batteries, battery enclosure, plumbing, wiring, other controls, hardware, accessories and pressure tank. Cost:  $8,000 to $10,000 plus installation.

The WaterBuck Pump is a solution:  If you are going to invest in a water supply system for your family, farm or community, it is wise and practical to get one you can depend on. Rely on a system that’s not likely to be affected by now common extreme seasonal storms – one that won’t be disabled by electronic failure that’s possible with micro-grid technology systems such as solar and wind.

The WaterBuck Pump is the ideal off-grid, community, and emergency water supply system. Please contact us to customize a dependable, heavy duty water supply system for you.