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Hand Water Pump Yields 2 Gallons of Water Per Stroke 2

We recently installed our first community Waterbuck Pump with exciting results. This pump for a northern California community yields an incredible 2 gallons of water per stroke.    Also, if needed for an emergency (like a fire), 54 – 56 gallons per minute can be pumped.   We fitted the pump with […]

Get well water the old-fashioned way without electricity 1

If you have a water well and the power goes out for an extended period, you still can get to your water the old-fashioned way – simply and inexpensively – with a well bucket. Long before the age of electricity, people fetched water by hand with a simple rope and […]

Did Electricity Make us Dependent?

With so many folks preparing to outlive economic depression as previous generations did in the 1930s, I wonder about our “advancement” since that humble time. Over the years, I’ve been privileged to meet many elderly country folks who gave little thought to the Great Depression. Perhaps it was because they […]

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Living with Radiated Rainwater

Here in the Ozarks, we are expanding our growing areas, relearning old-time skills, acquiring hand tools and building human-powered devices while we still can. But, preparing for radioactive rain? We hadn’t thought of that. While global warming seemed a fairytale to many 25 years ago, I boycotted Styrofoam, aerosol sprays, […]

Freeze Proofing The WaterBuck

To freeze-proof a hand pump, it is common to drill a 1/8” hole in the drop pipe below the frost line so water is drained from the pump and drop pipe.  As usual, we went farther and installed a 1/4” gate valve below the frost line. Now, with a simple […]

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How do common deep-well hand pumps compare to the WaterBuck Pump?

Modern or traditional fulcrum and lever hand pumps cannot compare to the WaterBuck Pump. The output per stroke of conventional shallow and deep well pumps is measured in a few ounces. The capacity per stroke of our pump, so far, for a deep well application, is measured in quarts and […]

WaterBuck Pump Improvements

We’ve improved the WaterBuck Pump again — this time with new 3/4″ fiberglass sucker rod, 2″ brass stuffing box with stainless steel rod, 110′ of 2″ galvanized drop pipe, 1/4″ gate valve, new 4″ windmill cylinder and the pump levers. The gate valve is installed below the frost line to prevent […]

The WaterBuck Pump and a Pressure Tank

With the non-electric shallow and deep well WaterBuck Pump and a pressure tank, anyone can have water in their home as they do with an electric water pump. Yes, our pump can pressurize indoor plumbing systems for household use and can be also used for irrigation. We watered the garden […]

Testing the Lift of the WaterBuck Pump

We could not find a hanging scale large enough to determine the resistant load on a 4″ pump cylinder with an 80′ column of water in a 2″ drop pipe. So we decided to use the old-fashioned method, a 6-to-1 block and tackle and a set of weights. Our test […]

Beyond Off-Grid Documentary Includes Well WaterBoy Products

Missouri entrepreneur Sophek “Sean” Tounn believes to survive any number of potential calamities, we must relearn ancient skills now – the ones developed before modern technology weakened us, the skills that draw upon human muscle and ingenuity. Tounn says we need to think beyond alternative energy and pursue simple lives. […]