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Shallow Well Hand Pumps

Today, a water well hand pump can be as useful as it was before electric pumps were invented, especially when the power grid fails.  Water can be pumped to the surface under human power for cooking, cleaning, bathing, drinking and gardening.  The cost of manual water pumps depends on how […]

DIY Sand Point Water Well in a Day

For anyone lucky enough to have a shallow water table without bedrock, a do-it-yourself driven well saves thousands of dollars compared to drilling a bored well. Under ideal conditions, a well can be driven in a few hours and fitted with a pitcher pump, creating an uncomplicated, inexpensive backup or […]

Why Have A Well Bucket?

As if the threats of war, terrorism, economic collapse, natural and man-made catastrophes, plagues, solar flares and EMPs are not enough to consider, we now have a decline in fresh water — another critical thing to prepare for. As the national news continually warns us, water tables are dropping in many parts […]

Boys with the WaterBuck Pump

Depth and Capacity of the WaterBuck

Now that the WaterBuck is gaining attention, we have been asked many times how deep the WaterBuck can pump from and how much effort is required. The WaterBuck Pump is currently and efficiently operating in the range of 12’ – 14’ diameter windmills, therefore  we now anticipate reaching depths around  700’. […]

WaterBuck with its own Electric Submersible Pump

That’s right. Our innovative pump now has its own electric submersible pump for the self-reliant and serious preppers. With this unique water pump system, anyone can have water by manual or electric operation. Only one drop pipe is needed. It is the ideal emergency backup water supply system for those who have […]

farm show stories

Well WaterBoy Products in Farm Show Magazine

It’s always exciting to see ourselves in the news. Being featured in Farm Show magazine is especially an honor.  Farm Show is comprised of “made it myself” ideas born in farm shops — just the sort of thing that goes on around here. On Page 17 of the September-October 2013 […]

Lessons Learned in Vietnam about Water Unfit to Drink

It’s customary for travelers to question whether drinking the water country’s they visit will give them dysentery. In Vietnam, I didn’t even have to ask if the water was safe to drink. The answer was firmly mounted on the bathroom wall of the luxurious, 5-star Saigon New World Hotel: Water is […]

woman at the well

WaterBuck Pump Cylinder Installation Part-1

We have been really busy, but finally found some time to remove our drop pipe, sucker rod and cylinder for the enhancements needed for the pump.  We managed to do a short video that might aid others in preparation for their own well pump installation or removal if needed. You […]

The WaterBuck Pump and a Pressure Tank

With the non-electric shallow and deep well WaterBuck Pump and a pressure tank, anyone can have water in their home as they do with an electric water pump. Yes, our pump can pressurize indoor plumbing systems for household use and can be also used for irrigation. We watered the garden […]

Testing the Lift of the WaterBuck Pump

We could not find a hanging scale large enough to determine the resistant load on a 4″ pump cylinder with an 80′ column of water in a 2″ drop pipe. So we decided to use the old-fashioned method, a 6-to-1 block and tackle and a set of weights. Our test […]