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Busy WaterBuck Weekend at the Mother Earth News Fair

Darren and Reba are having an exciting time at the Topeka Mother Earth News Fair weekend, which goes on until 5 p.m. today, by the way. Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood, or Kansas, or the Midwest. The Fair is being held at the Kansas Expocentre in downtown Topeka. They […]

Deep Well Hand Pump is Setting New Records 5

The performance of our innovative deep-well hand pump is not just breaking records, but is setting new ones. What is so impressive about this new manual well pump is that an average man in his 50’s pumped 17.5 gallons in one minute.  That’s more water in 1 minute than a […]

WaterBuck with its own Electric Submersible Pump

That’s right. Our innovative pump now has its own electric submersible pump for the self-reliant and serious preppers. With this unique water pump system, anyone can have water by manual or electric operation. Only one drop pipe is needed. It is the ideal emergency backup water supply system for those who have […]

WaterBuck Pump Cylinder Installation Part-1

We have been really busy, but finally found some time to remove our drop pipe, sucker rod and cylinder for the enhancements needed for the pump.  We managed to do a short video that might aid others in preparation for their own well pump installation or removal if needed. You […]

What would you do with your new PTO?

So far, we’ve been grinding grain for bread and charging batteries for lights and radios. But, this powerful work station has many more capabilities.  We are also adding attachments to ours for a log saw, table saw, drill press and water pump. Oops, my wife just reminded about a washing […]

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The WaterBuck Pump and a Pressure Tank

With the non-electric shallow and deep well WaterBuck Pump and a pressure tank, anyone can have water in their home as they do with an electric water pump. Yes, our pump can pressurize indoor plumbing systems for household use and can be also used for irrigation. We watered the garden […]

Grandma Breaks Records With Deep Well Hand Pump

If you have ever used a water well hand pump, then you know what it’s like to pump a glass of water or a gallon of water. Shallow well hand pumps are relatively easy to operate. However, any conventional deep well hand pump can be quite challenging if you don’t […]