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old fashon pumpIf you have ever used a water well hand pump, then you know what it’s like to pump a glass of water or a gallon of water.

Shallow well hand pumps are relatively easy to operate. However, any conventional deep well hand pump can be quite challenging if you don’t have a lot of strength and weight to assist you.

grandma hand pumpIt takes strength and endurance to manually pump a practical amount of water from a deep well. I am sure some of your grandparents can tell you about getting water from a well without electricity. Ask them.

In the following video you will see a 64-year-old grandmother pump 7 gallons a minute from a deep well using the innovative WaterBuck Pump. The date of the video precedes the enhancements we made to the mechanics since then.  What is amazing is that she pumped that much water with only 19 strokes of the handle, yet it was a simple and easy pump for her to use.

The application of this water well has a static water level of 80′ with a 2″ column of water. The pump cylinder being operated by the WaterBuck has a 4″ diameter.

The maximum gpm yield from any traditional deep well hand pump operating a 3″ cylinder from the same application is about 3 gallons per minute. However, it requires a fit, tall, strong man weighing around 200 pounds, stroking the handle 60 times. I doubt he could even get to 60 strokes and yield 3 gallons in one minute before he became exhausted. Try it.

With the WaterBuck, an average man in his 50s weighing 160 lbs, yields 17.5 gallons a minute with 20 full strokes, (at current application) while breaking in new leather cylinder seals. The maximum yield of a 12′ windmill operating at the same application and with same size cylinder is only 13.8 gpm.

Our unique shallow and deep well manual pump is by far a more efficient hand pump than any ever made. The WaterBuck is not only an ideal non-electric, off-grid water supply system, but is also a great freshwater backup system for emergency shelters, rural communities, campgrounds, farms and ranches when catastrophe strikes. The operation of the Waterbuck is not affected by an EMP, electronic failure or fuel shortages.  Think ahead and plan ahead – be prepared!

If you need a simple and easy, yet robust, manual pump that delivers greater volumes of water for the effort applied, then you should own a WaterBuck Pump. There are none any better!

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