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Performance of the WaterBuck Pump

A few months ago, we at Well WaterBoy Products made some changes to our first WaterBuck Pump model. We installed a stronger sucker rod system adequate for the torque created by our pump – ¾” fiberglass rod.  We also redesigned the pump lever to increase torque for efficiency and installed […]

Emergency Water Checklist 2

Do you need a high-performance, commercial-grade manual well pump for your home or business? Are you considering going off-grid?  Do you have a water backup system that is not easily affected by storms, electronic failure and fuel or parts shortages? Can you repair it yourself or does it require skilled […]

Living with Radiated Rainwater

Here in the Ozarks, we are expanding our growing areas, relearning old-time skills, acquiring hand tools and building human-powered devices while we still can. But, preparing for radioactive rain? We hadn’t thought of that. While global warming seemed a fairytale to many 25 years ago, I boycotted Styrofoam, aerosol sprays, […]

water over rocks

The WaterBuck is Getting Even Better

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we’ve improved the WaterBuck Pump yet again. In addition to installing new drop pipe and sucker rod, we are making another significant mechanical advantage improvement to the pump that will make it even easier to operate and reach deeper.     […]

Grandma Breaks Records With Deep Well Hand Pump

If you have ever used a water well hand pump, then you know what it’s like to pump a glass of water or a gallon of water. Shallow well hand pumps are relatively easy to operate. However, any conventional deep well hand pump can be quite challenging if you don’t […]

Video Contest Prize List

We’ve divvied up the prizes for our first-ever video contest.  Below are the prizes to be awarded in each category. Remember, you have until 8 a.m. CST Tuesday, July 23, to submit your videos for a chance to win.  The grand prize of $750 off the price of a WaterBuck […]

Testing the Lift of the WaterBuck Pump

We could not find a hanging scale large enough to determine the resistant load on a 4″ pump cylinder with an 80′ column of water in a 2″ drop pipe. So we decided to use the old-fashioned method, a 6-to-1 block and tackle and a set of weights. Our test […]

Dollars Per Gallon

A water supply system to sustain a family is not going to be inexpensive.  Any electric system (drilling a well, installing an electric pump and pressure tank, running lines, etc.) can cost $6K – $20K depending on application.  These systems, made to allow people to live in the country with […]

Beyond Off-Grid Documentary Includes Well WaterBoy Products

Missouri entrepreneur Sophek “Sean” Tounn believes to survive any number of potential calamities, we must relearn ancient skills now – the ones developed before modern technology weakened us, the skills that draw upon human muscle and ingenuity. Tounn says we need to think beyond alternative energy and pursue simple lives. […]

The Innovative Human-Powered Water Well Pump for the 21st Century

The WaterBuck Pump  (patent pending), an innovative water solution, is the first of its kind, unlike any traditional hand pumps in existence. A high performance human-powered well pump so strong and efficient,  it exceeds the lift and peak performance of a 12′-diameter windmill in gallons per minute. Depths far beyond what could […]