WaterBuck in Hobby Farms Magazine

Along with six other nifty inventions, the WaterBuck Pump was featured this month in Hobby Farms Magazine. You can find us on Page 60 of the January/February 2015 issue in the Farm Storehouse section, the one that showcases “New Products to Help and Inspire.”Hobby Farms article

We’ve been fans of Hobby Farms for several years, after first being introduced to back issues at a Go Green Festival in Thayer, Missouri. To be included in this stylish rural living magazine, however, came as a pleasant surprise.

Besides the WaterBuck, other inventions include the Perfect Bungee that stretches to twice its length while withstanding weather extremes.

The article also includes the reusable Chadd Padd that soaks up fuel and oil spills, the SnoClaws tire traction system, and B’laster Super-Concentrated Silicone Lube.

Two new devices we will be sure to try out here (now that we’ve got livestock on the homestead) are the sturdy ice Breaker and Strainer and a Northern Tool harrow rake that can be pulled behind a tractor, ATV or 4-wheeler.

You can find Hobby Farms in many farm stores.  This month’s cover boasts a unique, year-round permaculture garden.

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