emergency water

Get well water the old-fashioned way without electricity 1

If you have a water well and the power goes out for an extended period, you still can get to your water the old-fashioned way – simply and inexpensively – with a well bucket. Long before the age of electricity, people fetched water by hand with a simple rope and […]

Emergency Water Checklist 2

Do you need a high-performance, commercial-grade manual well pump for your home or business? Are you considering going off-grid?  Do you have a water backup system that is not easily affected by storms, electronic failure and fuel or parts shortages? Can you repair it yourself or does it require skilled […]

The Innovative Human-Powered Water Well Pump for the 21st Century

The WaterBuck Pump  (patent pending), an innovative water solution, is the first of its kind, unlike any traditional hand pumps in existence. A high performance human-powered well pump so strong and efficient,  it exceeds the lift and peak performance of a 12′-diameter windmill in gallons per minute. Depths far beyond what could […]