Well WaterBoy Products in Farm Show Magazine

farm show cover

That’s Darren in about the 4 o’clock position filling a 55-gallon barrel with the WaterBuck Pump.

It’s always exciting to see ourselves in the news. Being featured in Farm Show magazine is especially an honor.  Farm Show is comprised of “made it myself” ideas born in farm shops — just the sort of thing that goes on around here.

On Page 17 of the September-October 2013 issue, Darren is pictured using the WaterBuck Pump. Writer Jim Ruen says the “Home-built, two-handed pump lets Darren Holliday pull big volumes of water from an 80-foot deep well by hand.”

And, as if that wasn’t enough, on Page 30, our Pedal-Powered PTO has some prime real estate next to “Zip-Tie Chicken Domes and Greenhouses.”

farm show stories

This 44-page newsprint-type magazine is chocked full of inventions and innovative ways to do things more economically, environmentally-friendly or less labor-intensive.  I especially enjoyed reading how a guy named Dallas Flynn built a solar-powered greenhouse in northern Minnesota and how Tim Gogerty is turning straw into erosion-control waddles in Iowa. By the way, that Zip-Tie Dome really looks interesting. Created by farmer John Hurt of Tennessee, the kit includes an ingenious connector for PVC pipe, allowing folks to build portable greenhouses and chicken coops that stand up to frequent moving. Bravo.

You can read all about these and dozens more nifty ideas in the magazine. Some of the stories, including the one about the WaterBuck Pump, are available to read online.