WaterBuck with its own Electric Submersible Pump

submersible-pump-with-cylinderThat’s right. Our innovative pump now has its own electric submersible pump for the self-reliant and serious preppers. With this unique water pump system, anyone can have water by manual or electric operation. Only one drop pipe is needed. It is the ideal emergency backup water supply system for those who have a deep-well application.

Two Pumps in One — The submersible pump is designed for well casings as small as 4”. The specially-made electric submersible pump used by the windmill industry can be mounted on the bottom of the manual pump cylinder, pictured at right. A tank and booster or jet pump at the surface can supply pressure for indoor plumbing.

The submersible pump has been successfully used with 1 7/8” open-top deep-well cylinders, but never tested with larger cylinders for shallower depths. We hope to offer the submersible pump with larger cylinders for shallower wells after successful field testing.

Open-top cylinders are designed so the plunger leathers can be replaced without removing the drop pipe. The plunger is attached to the end of the sucker rod and simply pulled up through the drop pipe.

The submersible pump used with this system is a deluxe stainless steel Flint & Walling S-model pump with Franklin Electric’s stainless steel submersible motor.

If you need the ideal back-up water supply system for your deep well, contact us today!

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