Human Powered Machines

Human powered table saw

Human powered table saw

Before electric power was invented, human-powered equipment dominated the home and workplace. Machines were continually improved to make people’s lives easier. People relied on their hand- and foot-operated devices; all they needed was the machine and muscles. When the electric motor was introduced, the old ways were abandoned overnight.  Over time, electric-powered machines were progressively enhanced to make people’s lives even easier. We literally depend on electricity, building our homes and lives around its availability. People now need the machine, electricity and more money.

old hand pumpWith no end in sight to the electric-powered era, little advancement was made to hand-powered devices, such as manual well pumps. There simply did not seem to be a reason to ever need them again. They became yard ornaments from a bygone age. But now, because of increasingly common severe seasonal storms, long-term power outages, possible economic collapse and a host of other uncertainties, the old hand pump has returned with a face lift.
New designs of traditional hand pumps entered the marketplace, although the mechanical advantage, effort required and capacity have relatively remained the same. Greater depths have been achieved with some of these newer models by greatly reducing the cylinder size, which inconveniently diminished the water yield.  Realistically, these new hand pumps are good only for short-term emergency use  Take the challenge
WaterBuck PumpSeeing the necessity of a better and easier manually operated deep well pump, Well Waterboy Products of Missouri decided to upgrade, to Pump Up and invent the shallow and deep well WaterBuck Pump. A human powered water pump that yields more water per minute than the peak performance of large diameter windmills operating the same size cylinder. It’s a 100% off-grid hand pump that only needs human muscle.
WaterBuck PumpOur innovative machine operates windmill reciprocating pump systems with cylinder sizes up to 8 inches.Imagine the uses for this pump – off-grid communities, rural communities of all types, large families and preppers for fresh drinking water, bathing, laundry, cleaning, watering gardens and livestock – with volumes of water you can’t get from a common hand pump. You can have the water you need when you need with the WaterBuck Pump..
scroll saw
Bicycle type machines were common before the electric motor, known today as Pedal Power.
These type of human powered tools are making a comeback worldwide as other energy sources become scarce and costly. Discarded bicycles and exercise bikes are finding new life blending fruit smoothies or grinding wheat for homemade bread.

Each of those re-purposed lightweight bikes, however, have only one point of transmission and are usually retrofitted to perform just one function, such as generating electricity.

By contrast, the Pedal-Powered PTO developed by Well Waterboy Products is a heavy-duty human-powered machine that has several points of transmission for easy setup.  Unlike upright bicycles that can be awkward for long pedaling sessions, PTO operators recline for comfort and endurance. Because the seat is not attached to the unit, most operators of any height can use the PTO.

Pedal Powered PTO

The PTO is ideal for communities or survival groups where members can take turns pedaling. Over the course of a day, many amps of power can be stored for the evening. Communities can also share pedaling time for other daily tasks, such as pumping volumes of water, sharpening tools or grinding grain.

For more information and prices please see our PTO page.

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