Hand Water Pump Yields 2 Gallons of Water Per Stroke 2

We recently installed our first community Waterbuck Pump with exciting results. This pump for a northern California community yields an incredible 2 gallons of water per stroke. community-hand-pump


Also, if needed for an emergency (like a fire), 54 – 56 gallons per minute can be pumped.commercial-hand-pump-1


We fitted the pump with a 6” diameter cylinder and 4” drop pipe, an unheard of application for a deep-well hand water pump.wb-hand-pump-cylinder

After the pump cylinder is broken in, we’ll have videos to show the WaterBuck in action. You won’t believe your eyes.

2 thoughts on “Hand Water Pump Yields 2 Gallons of Water Per Stroke

  • TimurT

    The well driller measures the well draw down rate in the well opening while the well pump is running, and compares that to the rate at which the pump is removing water from the well. But a true well flow rate, whether obtained by simple observation or by use of a calibrated pump, should be measured over a 24 hour period, not a shorter interval.

  • Gigi Nelson

    Thank you for the opportunity to see your product installed for a California community, where running water can be accessed at 54 – 56 GPM in an emergency. In forested areas, this would be very important. Many thanks for involving Merrill Manufacturing as a supplier of your pump rod for such a system. It is impressive. Sincerely, Gigi Nelson – Merrill Manufacturing Company – Inside Sales Representative

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