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Bring Back Victory Gardens

As the U.S. government begins scaling back its Food Stamp Program, I wonder how 48 million recipients (almost 1 of every 6 Americans) are being advised to make the transition to reduced or discontinued benefits. Cuts loom ahead, too, for Social Security and other programs. Is home gardening ever encouraged […]

Marjory Wildcraft Visits Cuba to Study Economic Collapse Survival

Author Marjory Wildcraft told us recently she is a wild woman on a mission to put homegrown food on every table. The feisty 50-year-old rollerblader is not kidding. To learn to grow food herself, Marjory has talked to more than a thousand, maybe 2,000, gardeners worldwide. This year, she went […]

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How do common deep-well hand pumps compare to the WaterBuck Pump?

Modern or traditional fulcrum and lever hand pumps cannot compare to the WaterBuck Pump. The output per stroke of conventional shallow and deep well pumps is measured in a few ounces. The capacity per stroke of our pump, so far, for a deep well application, is measured in quarts and […]

Keeping Critters from the Garden — Forever

One the most discouraging aspects of gardening is when critters eat, trample or uproot overnight a lush and leafy crop just ready for picking. We’ve tackled every sort of garden raider around here, including deer, rabbits, squirrels, turtles, birds, armadillos, raccoon, mice, rats and even neighboring cattle, just to name […]

Author Rick Austin Explains Secret Survival Gardening

When Darren got a wild idea a couple weeks ago to host a hand-water-pumping video contest, I had no idea where to start. Neither did he, but is a master at just winging it. First, he figured out the necessary, but mundane, logistics of uploading videos and drafting official rules […]