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Lessons Learned in Vietnam about Water Unfit to Drink

It’s customary for travelers to question whether drinking the water country’s they visit will give them dysentery. In Vietnam, I didn’t even have to ask if the water was safe to drink. The answer was firmly mounted on the bathroom wall of the luxurious, 5-star Saigon New World Hotel: Water is […]

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Human-powered machines in Vietnam and the Ozarks

If ever I am overrun by a million motorbikes with cartoonish beep-beeps blaring as I cross a Missouri roadway, I will immediately think of Vietnam. Although I have stated emphatically for years that my feet will never leave solid ground again, I accepted an opportunity to travel with a marketing […]

How do common deep-well hand pumps compare to the WaterBuck Pump?

Modern or traditional fulcrum and lever hand pumps cannot compare to the WaterBuck Pump. The output per stroke of conventional shallow and deep well pumps is measured in a few ounces. The capacity per stroke of our pump, so far, for a deep well application, is measured in quarts and […]

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