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‘Beyond Off-Grid’ Film Promotes Self-Reliance for a Lifetime

Missouri filmmaker Sophek “Sean” Tounn is on the last leg of a three-year undertaking to help others think beyond preparing for a single-event disaster, and instead develop self-reliant skills to last a lifetime. Citing Hurricane Sandy as an example, Tounn said the modern way of living is not beneficial to […]

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Human-powered machines in Vietnam and the Ozarks

If ever I am overrun by a million motorbikes with cartoonish beep-beeps blaring as I cross a Missouri roadway, I will immediately think of Vietnam. Although I have stated emphatically for years that my feet will never leave solid ground again, I accepted an opportunity to travel with a marketing […]

Stepping up to a 100-year-old Treadle Sewing Machine

When I was young, I’d watch in fascination as my mother used her treadle sewing machine (a late 1800’s Singer that belonged to my great-grandmother) to fashion all sorts of clothing, blankets, couch covers and schoolbags.  I’d sit on the floor and watch as her feet deftly pedaled fast on […]

A Short Week of Sun, Bugs, and Pump Videos

Last week when our daughters, Reba and  Katie, drove down from Minnesota to spend a week here, the two 20-somethings had a huge surprise in mind for us. Perhaps you’ve already seen it. Among six days of bonfires, dominoes, Tough Mudder training (an extreme obstacle course event to raise money […]