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What’s in Your Water?

Home Water Test Simpler Than Expected Up until a toxic chemical oozed into the Elk River in Charleston, W. Va., last month, we thought most pollutants could be smelled, seen or tasted. We were wrong. West Virginians are apparently fortunate that Crude MCHM (4-methylcyclohexanemethanol) smells like licorice. Otherwise, no one […]

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Highwater Filter

Think Your Public or Bottled Water is Safe?

Before hopping a northbound Greyhound to visit my daughter recently, I went online to buy her a good, long-lasting water filter to strain the fluoride, bleach, birth control pills, drugs, bug killer and other mysterious poisons from her St. Paul, Minn., drinking water. What better birthday gift, eh? The selection […]

Lessons Learned in Vietnam about Water Unfit to Drink

It’s customary for travelers to question whether drinking the water country’s they visit will give them dysentery. In Vietnam, I didn’t even have to ask if the water was safe to drink. The answer was firmly mounted on the bathroom wall of the luxurious, 5-star Saigon New World Hotel: Water is […]

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