WaterBuck Videos

Testing the Solar Pump Jack.

The following videos demonstrate the performance of the WaterBuck Pump operating a 4″ pump cylinder with 80′ of head pressure. The drop pipe is 2″ metal pipe.

New Pump Lever – 22 Gallons During a 1 Minute Sprint, 11.3 Gallons in 30 Seconds, by a 22-year-old fit man. Pump lever set at 4′

New Pump Lever – 17.5 Gallons During a 1 Minute Sprint, 9.5 Gallons in 30 Seconds, by a 50-something man of average fitness. Pump lever set at 4′

The following videos were made before the improvements were made to the pump system. Since then, we installed a new 4″ cylinder with 3/4″ fiberglass sucker rod, 2″ galvanized drop pipe and enhanced the mechanical advantage with a new design of the pump lever.  (The first prototype yielded 6 GPM with 18 stroke.)

Old Pump Lever- 7+ Gallons in Thirty Seconds. Pump lever set at 5′

Old Pump Lever- 13.5 Gallons in One Minute. Pump lever set at 5′

Grandmother Pumps 7 gallons in One Minute

Two Young Women fill a 55 gallon Barrel in 5 Minutes and 42 Seconds

Two men fill a 55 gallon Barrel in 3 Minutes and 42 Seconds (Not yet broken in)

Boys- WaterBuck Pump

The WaterBuck Pump and a pressure tank

How to use a WaterBoy Well Bucket

WaterBuck installation Part – 1

Installation Part – 2

Mechanical Advantage Load Test

Solar Buck Generator Cart