2″ Drive Well Points

A pitcher pump used with a drive well point can provide water without electricity from a shallow well of 25’ or less with a yield up to 3 GPM.  It’s a good quality, yet inexpensive, alternative for getting water for the family during a short-term emergency.

Drive well points from Merrill Manufacturing can also be used with pump stands and even electric suction pumps for supplying indoor water pressure from a shallow well of 25’ or less. Please see this informative document by Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources to learn more about installing and using sand point wells.

NOTE: Approximate water yield is 3 gallons per minute/per square inch of screen area.

  • Can be driven into all types of soil
  • For areas where the water table is shallow. Not intended for installation in areas of large or solid rock.
  • Stainless steel jacket over stainless steel gauze, welded to a perforated steel pipe
  • Individually bagged
  • Comes with No. 60 (for course sand) or No. 80 (for medium sand) gauze
  • No lead

2″ Drive points with 60 Gauze

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drive_well_point_vertical$84 – 2 inch by 30 inch – 60 Gauze Drive Well Point

drive_well_point_vertical$94 – 2 inch by 36 inch – 60 Gauze Drive Well Point

drive_well_point_vertical$129 – 2 inch by 48 inch – 60 Gauze Drive Well Point

drive_well_point_vertical$154 – 2 inch by 60 inch – 60 Gauze Drive Well Point


2″ Drive Points with 80 Gauze


drive_well_point_vertical$85 – 2 inch by 30 inch – 80 Gauze Drive Well Point

drive_well_point_vertical$94 –  2 inch by 36 inch – 80 Gauze Drive Well Point

drive_well_point_vertical$129 –  2 inch by 48 inch – 80 Gauze Drive Well Point







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