WaterBuck Seeks Deep Well Application

millDo you have a working windmill with a 600′ to 700′ static water level, or know someone who does?  Well WaterBoy Products developed a manual pump jack that operates downhole reciprocating pump systems made for large diameter windmills and now wants to prove its ability at that level. If you have such an application and can allow Well WaterBoy Products to set up the WaterBuck Pump over the wellhead for testing, please contact darren(at)waterbuckpump.com




This is a large, robust antelope.

 Waterbucks have a brownish–grey shaggy coat.

The waterbuck inhabits areas that are close to water in savanna grasslands, gallery forests and riverine woodlands south of the Sahara.

Average body weight: 330 to 500 pounds

The Waterbuck grazes mainly grass near permanent water sources.

The Waterbuck is very dependent on water and will drink daily.  

They are strong swimmers and when seriously threatened, will take refuge in deep water. http://www.oserengoniwildlife.com

Here is the latest update of the capacity of the WaterBuck Pump operating a 4” windmill cylinder from a static water level of 80’. A young man pumped 22 gallons in one minute, which is 8+ more gallons than what a 12′ diameter windmill can pump at peak performance from the same application in one minute