Something New at the Watering Hole

woman at a wellEver since we began making well buckets in 2011, people have asked us where to buy a windlass to use with a bucket. Darren researched and pondered this a long time, finally concluding no practical windlasses exist for torpedo well buckets in drilled wells.

Years ago, people used a simple rope and bucket and all manner of windlasses to raise large buckets a few feet from a cistern or shallow hand-dug well. These generally had a hand crank and only hoisted about 15 or so feet of rope.wheel axle windlass

When technology advanced, wells were drilled to greater depths and fitted with submersible pumps. A new, slender bucket style was designed to get water from these deeper, drilled wells as an emergency backup. However, as access to electricity spread, there was no longer a great need for well buckets.

old mining windlassToday, with fuel and electricity costs soaring, natural and man made disasters and more folks going off-grid, well buckets are popular again. But, no one ever really made a windlass, not that we are aware of, for anything other than a shallow well.

Snowy wellSo, just as Darren has done for everything else around here when he couldn’t find what he needed commercially, he built one and improved upon the old style.

Finally, a modern windlass hoist for well buckets

WaterBoy Windlass Hoist

WaterBoy Windlass Hoist Kit

Instead of using a hand crank, Darren designed the windlass with it’s own lift pole and with a 24” hand wheel, making the operation more efficient and less tiresome for deeper wells. Both hands are used and the rope is wound up easier. This also keeps the rope cleaner and off the ground (less chance of contamination).

It’s much safer, too, because there is no crank that could come back and bonk someone in the head if accidentally released under load.

And, just like all Well WaterBoy Products, it’s built to last and made right here in Missouri. We’re excited about the latest addition to our growing array of products to improve the quality of life for the self-reliant – especially regarding water.

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