4″ Heavy Duty WaterBoy Well Bucket

Using a WaterBoy Well Bucket

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$106 – Includes *free Priority shipping

This 4″ (5″ Outside Diameter) well bucket is recommended for wells with a 6″ casing or larger. Capacity 2.2 gallons.

We encourage everyone with a drilled well to have a WaterBoy Well Bucket on hand for emergencies, even if they have solar power, wind generators or other alternative energy systems for retrieving water. Storms or other disasters can temporarily or permanently disable those systems, but a well bucket is always ready to go.

A well bucket is the simplest, least expensive way to retrieve water from a drilled well. Unlike easily bendable galvanized steel well buckets intended only for temporary use, the WaterBoy is a reliable bucket for everyday use and easy to operate. Simply attach a rope to the bucket, lower it into a well, draw it up and empty into a container by pulling a thumb-lever at the bucket top. Your hands do not come in contact the water. The bucket empties all the way and you do not have to pour it out from the top. (Rope sold separately)

Reviews of our WaterBoy well buckets: by The Deliberate Agrarian and Southernprepper1

We do not recommend using a well bucket with existing pipes and well pump wires in place because the bucket could become tangled around pipes and or wire when retrieving the bucket.  Please contact us with questions.


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WaterBoy Well Bucket

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