Shetland Ponies From Shetland


Unst Show 2012 - 25th August 2012

Registered Shetland Ponies
Judge: Mrs H Wilson

Lead Rein
1st - M Mouat with Booth Fern

Open Ridden
1st - Hermione Boyes with Tornaveen Glen-Lyon

1st - Linda Thompson with Clivocast Samson
2nd - Hermione Boyes with Tornaveen Glen-Lyon
3rd - Olga Hughson with Solo's Spindrift

1st - Allan Manson with Hestigarth Flyer (HESTIGARTH STUD)
2nd - Peter Hunter with Clivocast Crusader
3rd - W Spence with Gardie Apollo

Colt 3 years
1st - George Tait with Merkisayre Sea the Stars
2nd - Sheena Anderson with Clivocast Nacho

Colt 2 years
1st - Isla Thomason with Bydance Hennessy
2nd - Sheena Anderson with Ockran Tizer

Yearling Colt
No entries

Filly 3 years
1st - Hunter Family with Clivocast Tia
2nd - W Spence with Gardie Cassie
3rd - D & A Jamieson with Bayview Tiffany

Filly 2 years
1st - Bj
ørn Roar Larsen with Bergli Magic Rose
2nd - M Priest with Musselbrough Valtra
3rd - Lauraine A Manson with Burland Sunshine (SWARTHOULL STUD)

Yearling Filly
1st - Alistair Robertson with Robin's Brae Pippa
2nd - Olga Hughson with Loanin Maya
3rd - Isla Thomason with Bydance Jazz Twinkle

Brood Mare (Standard)
1st - Isla Thomason with Burnside Mystic
2nd - Bjørn Roar Larsen with Black Rose of Bergli
3rd - Hunter Family with Clivcast Theresa

Brood Mare (Miniature)
1st - B Johnson with Gardie Ava
2nd - Jackie Syme with Gardie Yvette (SIMONSIDE STUD)

Yeld Mare (Standard)
1st - D & A Jamieson with Mailand Kylie
2nd - Jackie Syme with Claylands Sugar (SCHIEHALLION STUD)
3rd - M Priest with Musselbrough Roma

Yeld Mare (Miniature)
1st - W Spence with Kylie of Houlland
2nd - Shona Johnston with Westergarth Tammie
3rd - Alistair Robertson with Ellan of Burland

Colt Foal (Standard)
1st - Isla Thomason with Bydance Picasso
2nd - D Jamieson with Belmont Murray

Colt Foal (Miniature)
1st - Jackie Syme with Simonside Gillespie (SIMONSIDE STUD)
2nd - W Spence with Gardie Foxtrot

Filly Foal (Standard)
1st - Alistair Robertson with Vatna Honey
2nd - Alistair Robertson with Vatna Heidi
3rd - D Jamieson with Belmont Adira

Filly Foal (Miniature)
1st - V Johnson with Westergarth Zara
2nd - W Spence with Gardie Foy

Best Foal
Bydance Picasso

Junior Progeny
1st - Gardie Cassie & Gardie Dainty By Parlington Quarryman
2nd - Loanin Europa & Loanin Maya By Clibberseick Aquila

Junior Champion
Bydance Hennessy

Junior Reserve
Robin's Brae Pippa

Senior Champion
Burnside Mystic

Senior Reserve
Hestigarth Flyer

Supreme Champion
Burnside Mystic

Reserve Supreme
Bydance Hennessy