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This website is for Shetland Pony Studs on Shetland, plus many links to other Shetland pony studs and sites too.

Please get to know our site and enjoy the immense variety of wonderful indigenous Shetland ponies on show. It will be updated regularly.

Each stud will list their own ponies for sale, but we have also set up a ‘FOR SALE’ page where you can find all the ponies currently available from our Shetland studs.

We are regularly asked about transportation from Shetland to mainland Scotland, and beyond. Livestock transport is a daily operation to and from Shetland, and though it may be a problem in very bad weather, transportation to Aberdeen is routine. We are happy to recommend good reliable transporters who will complete the journey once on the mainland, and it is not as expensive as you might think.

Shetland ponies from Shetland are found all over the world and their easy adaptibility makes them good travellers.


2015 News


2nd September - More Show Results for Schiehallion and Simonside Studs

14th August - Show Results for Schiehallion and Simonside Studs

12th August - Updated 2015 Foal Page for Benstonholm Stud

6th August - Updated For Sale page

11th June - Last of the Schiehallion Stud foals

24th May - More foals from Schiehallion Stud

10th May - First foals from Schiehallion Stud and Simonside Stud

4th May - First foal from Benston Stud

16th March - Updated Schiehallion Stud - new Filly

9th Jan - Updated Simonside (Miniature) and Schiehallion (Standard) stud pages and the For Sale page