The Little Darlin’/Roxanna Firehall Football Jamboree, Part 5

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/Peter Diana photo

  Day 8 – Roxanna Firehall enters the Hall of Fame

Little Darlin’ and I left our campground in East Sparta, Kentucky . . .er Ohio, and drove twenty minutes into Canton to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. What a cool place! The exhibits tell the story of professional football from the days of Jim Thorpe and Red Grange to the players of today.

The HOF has tons of memorabilia from every era, multimedia presentations, exhibits, statues and of course, the bust of every player ever inducted. We spent about three hours, But one could easily spend more time. There are exhibits on the history of the game, the Super Bowls and of course, the great owners, players and coaches who have made pro football the game we love.

The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The facility is first rate. I took pictures galore. We met a couple of Seahawks fans, a family of Cowboys fans (do I hear boos?). Everyone else we met were Steelers fans! A number of them were in the area for tomorrow night’s game.

The HOF store is not to be missed. There are all kinds of great things from HOF souvenirs to team and players specific items. LD and Roxfire are moving to new digs next year and the house has a great den to display my Steeler memorabilia. We acquired several great items which will end up there. Not being a Rockefeller, I left many, many great things behind. I’m sure I will visit the Hall again, to soak up more of the history and maybe grab a few more Steeler items.

The nice young lady behind the ticket counter suggested the Winking Lizard for lunch. It was a fifteen minute drive, but well worth it. They have about 20-25 craft beers on tap and 50 more in bottles. I had a great beer burger and some dynamite pirogies. The Troegs Hop Knife and the Left Hand MilkStout Nitro weren’t half bad, either. If you come to Canton, this is a great place to stop.

This was such a great day, I’m planning a longer piece on the HOF. Stay tuned to Going Deep for a detailed, Steeler oriented account with photos.

We will all look forward to it! Thanks for the teaser. Now go join 68,000 of your closest friends and bring back a Steelers victory at Heinz Field tonight!


  • Great series of posts. Now we’re counting on you to top the story off with a victory tonight, and hopefully, a minimum of additional casualties. Don’t forget to wave.


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