Things Liverpool Should do to Recover this Season 7


7. Keep Trust on Brendon Rodgers atleast till the end of the season

   What has happened to Liverpool all of a sudden this season? How did a single Summer Break change the fortunes of a club? One would argue that Suarez's departure was the main reason for the downfall of the club. But One player's move cannot have such a drastic impact on the entire team. Infact, the season after Ronaldo left to Real Madrid, Manchester United still won the league. What has happened to Liverpool is because of deeper reasons than the departure of one single player.
   One of the prime reasons behind the poor form of Liverpool is the decision making skill of Rodgers, which seems to have completely degraded now. Right now, if Rodgers wishes anyone a Good Morning, they would probably reply back it is a Night. The fortunes are not in the favour of Rodgers currently and he should try and step up. If Liverpool decides to sack him now, things may get worse for Liverpool and so Rodgers should be given time atleast till the end of the season – as the season has collapsed already.