Adam Goodman

The Story

My name is Adam Goodman and I spent the first 26 years of my life spending every dollar I ever made.  From DVDs to Starbucks coffee and owning multiple cars, if I earned money, I spent it.  The result of my spendthrift behavior was that I was broke and living in my mom’s basement slowly approaching the age of thirty.adam_the_story

The irony of how my sad financial state evolved, as you will soon find out, is that I grew up with parents who worked in finance – People who live and breathe numbers.  To my dismay, their know-how was never transferred to me.  When I grew up, I assumed I would know what to do with the money I earned and that I would acquire all the knowledge I needed by some sort of magical financial osmosis process.   It seemed, at 26, all I knew how to do was spend.

It wasn’t until I met a friend in business school who had managed to save over $50,000 by the time she was 24 that I realized I had to seriously re-evaluate my understanding of financial management.  Up until this point, I assumed other people would teach me what to do instead of being proactive and figuring out what to do on my own.  From that point on, I  decided to take control of my financial life and change my situation.  I read books, I introduced myself to my financial professionals, I started dialogues with people about the best way to manage my finances and most importantly, I asked questions, lots of questions.

This is a story to help build your financial self esteem, develop a foundation of basic financial knowledge and empower you to continue learning set in the backdrop of my trials and tribulations with money.

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